Captain's Log, Stardate 120520

Location: 14 lightyears spinward of SS Astraois, on the far side of the Takaar Nebula -- Back in the Astraios Sector, we had a brief rendezvous with the USS Marco Polo before they left at top speed to meet the rest of the Task Force engaged in sweeping the sector for pirates. We moved to 50,000 kilometers from the wormhole and remained at stationkeeping while engineering repaired our aft shields. This gave science and tactical time to launch a probe and gather data on the vortex. We were surprised to find sensor logs showed tachyon eddies at either end of the wormhole. Further investigation revealed an unsubstantiated report in the cultural archives on Astraios Prime of a Borg sphere being seen near Treman. The data is several decades old and it was dismissed at the time as a hoax. As we continued our repairs and sensor sweep, we discovered an object in the wormhole. Red alert. It emerged near our position and was identified immediately as the metallic asteroid that had passed us when we were lost on the other side of the vortex. We sent friendship messages on all frequencies. With the help of the probe we had launched to extend scanning range... we realized this appeared to be a Borg sphere.  "Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 300" hailed us, he seem perturbed that we had used their corridor without permission, and curious about our home.

Acting Captain's Log, Stardate 120513

LT David7 Bravin: Without a moment to lose (due to the imminent arrival of the third USS Mak'ala) both USS Mak'alas fired torpedoes towards the designated co-ordinates at the mouth of the wormhole. Science reported that the diameter of the wormhole had enlarged sufficiently for both ships to enter, which they duly did - with one using its tractor beam to drag the other. Once inside the anomoly, speeds increased and explosions occurred, resulting in the disappearance of the second and third Mak'alas. Eventually the one and only USS Mak'ala exited the wormhole. Just as the the ship was getting its bearings, two vessels appeared on the sensors. Fearing a repeat attack by alien ships the Mak'ala went to red alert. However, much to the relief of all aboard, the ships turned out to be UFS ships which had been awaiting the Mak'ala's arrival to join the rest of the fleet.

Captain's Log, Stardate 120506

Location- unknown.... It was decided the best course of action was to tractor the second Mak'ala, extending our shields to protect it, whilst together entering the wormhole. We transmitted these instructions through the alternate LTcmdr Barbosa and LT Bravin on the shuttle, and asked them to dock the shuttle so we could execute this maneuver.... we also informed them we would be beaming a communications drone to Mak'ala2 in order to assist us in transmissions. Permission was given for this. Helm carefully turned our ship and we approached tractor range without incidence, and engaged the beam. We began our calculations for detonation of torpedoes and phasers while setting course with impulse engines for the coordinates science set as being the most advantageous. Science read a third vessel in the wormhole... data showed it to be a third Mak'ala, and it was determined that the first two Mak'ala's must enter the wormhole together before the third one exits. We are running out of time. Our tractor beam began to fail. Searching for a cause, it seemed energy from a singularity was affecting the stability of our emitters. It seemed to be a mellatic asteroid, passing near our position, raising some concerns. We didn't appear to be under attack however we went to red alert and sent more power to the tractor beam, attempting to shield both ships from any adverse effects. We swooped into position and prepared to fire on the entrance of the wormhole. Suddenly there was an explosion on the torpedo deck. Security, medical and engineering were sent on the double, two crew were hurt but torpedo launchers unaffected. Both ships must now fire on the precise spot, coordinates have been sent to Mak'ala2 and all are standing by. We all hope this plan works.

Captain's Log, Stardate 1204229

Location: unknown... We said goodbye to the Class L planetoid that sheltered us during 5 days of repairs to USS Mak'ala, fighting off the Alien Entity which attempted to re-kidnap the Doctor as we left. We set a course to find the point where we entered this system, hoping that now, with full sensors, we could figure out a way back. The Alien Vessel that lurked 10 light years away on the edge of sensor range suddenly leaped forward to 5 light years distance. In the meantime, we were getting readings from the wormhole and science concluded that it was too small for us to use. It was decided that a phaser blast or two might encourage it to increase diameter, we tried that and failed. The Alien Vessel then appeared 2 light years from us, but travelling away. Security suggested torpedoes might effect the wormhole. Science suggested we recreate the situation that got us into the vortex: two ships firing on each other. I didn't like the sound of that! Then Helm made an observation... it seemed that the Alien Vessel was... us. The wormhole was causing a rift in subspace and time around us was in flux. The mirror of us seemed to be at the point where we had entered the system. We opened hailing frequencies and had our signal repeated back to us. Then that ship launched a shuttle and we realized... they had no sensors or communications due to the damage of the wormhole. They were about to re-live what we had just been through!

Captain's Log, Stardate 120422

Location- unknown ....I'm still shaking my head.... as the USS Mak'ala begins to leave this dusty planetoid all stations reported in good shape for the trip through the atmosphere. We had hardly travelled 4,000 kilometers before things started to unravel. There was a fire in engineering, and then .... a section of deck 5 decompressed as well. I decided to keep the ship in stationkeeping whilst we dealt with these problems. All was resolved and we moved again, only to have a a failure of life support reported. I had noticed the doctor was saying things about life at this point... but didn't think anything of it. Security reported the fire in engineering had been sabatoge, and access logs showed the doctor had been there... which seemed odd, since she'd been kidnapped by the alien and then off duty until today. She requested to go back to sickbay but, with reluctance, I ordered security take her to her quarters... suddently security reported she had escaped... her comm badge was located in cargo bay 2, meanwhile a shuttle was launched without authorization. We were forced, eventually, to fire on the shuttle and use a tractor beam to return it to the ship, whilst the Alien Entity materialized outside the shuttle and the Doctor said she had to go with it... but begged for help. Finally I ordered security to fire black matter at the Alien, drop shields, beam the doctor to sick bay and raise shields again. We got her... and left the planet atmosphere. OPs reports an alien vessel 10 light years from our position... will this never end. =A=

Captain's Log, Stardate 120415

Location- unknown ....After safely landing the Mak'ala on the unknown Class L planetoid we took stock of our situation. Engineering needed at least 6 hours to repair minimal systems, and several days for full repair, including hull breaches. I ordered our Marines to be deployed around the ship whilst we took 3 teams with us to rescue Dr Markus. Green team and blue team fanned out right and left. I, with my Security chief and Science chief, along with a medical technicican to assist if Dr Markus was injured... led the main away team to search for the Dr. We suffered some hallucinations and my tricorder readings were mangled, but we managed to locate Dr Markus at last, with the Alien Entity. After some discussion, I concluded the Alien was not going to negotiate, so I ordered the teams to attack. The Alien vanished. We were able to free the Doctor and take her back to the ship but... she doesn't seem to know who she is. I also was injured on the mission but damage was minimal and Cadet Spingflower cared for me in the field with dispatch. My left shoulder is bothering me, but no other issues. Now we play a waiting game... while engineering works round the clock to get us into space again.

Captain's Log, Stardate 120408

Location- [i]unknown[/i]: The damage we sustained by travelling through the Takaar Nebula left us without sensors, no warp, minimal shields, and several hull breeches.  Our shuttle guided us to a Class L planetoid and we attempted to put the ship in orbit to effect repairs. Without our guidance system, and with several major systems offline, we were unable to sustain our position and began to slip into the planet atmosphere. Just as we decided to try landing on the planet, an Alien Intruder came aboard and began to talk about taking samples of life forms aboard. With shields at 50%, we were in peril from the atmospheric entry. I had to focus on getting the ship safely to ground while also dealing with the Alien.  As we began to leave space and the ship began to experience turbulence, the Alien left. We managed to get through the atmosphere and land safely on the planet with little additional damage. To our dismay, the Alien had not left the ship without a "sample". Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr Genny7 Markus, is missing.

Captain's Log, Stardate 120401

Location- unknown

Our ship, battered and bruised from a trip through the Takaar Nebula, attempting to escape from a hostile alien vessel, leaps into warp just as a spatial vortex appears and pulls the ship into unknown space. Now without warp drive, external sensors, or long range communications, dealing with hull breaches and other damage, concerned that the alien ship may be nearby... we decide to launch a shuttle and have it feed coordinates to our Helm in order to negotiate a course. We found an unknown binary system with an uninhabited planet, and managed to get there at one quarter impulse... but without our guidance system, our orbit began to degrade and we are in danger of entering planet atmosphere without shields...

Captain's Log; Stardate 120326

Location- unknown: Upon exiting the entrails of the Takaar Nebula we were attacked by an unknown vessel. Still reeling from the affects of the anomoly, shields weak, we decided to make a run for it. At warp 7.87 we entered some kind of spatial vortex. Spinning, we finally came to rest at an undetermined location. We have to get systems back on line as soon as possible.