Captain's Log, Stardate 120408

Location- [i]unknown[/i]: The damage we sustained by travelling through the Takaar Nebula left us without sensors, no warp, minimal shields, and several hull breeches.  Our shuttle guided us to a Class L planetoid and we attempted to put the ship in orbit to effect repairs. Without our guidance system, and with several major systems offline, we were unable to sustain our position and began to slip into the planet atmosphere. Just as we decided to try landing on the planet, an Alien Intruder came aboard and began to talk about taking samples of life forms aboard. With shields at 50%, we were in peril from the atmospheric entry. I had to focus on getting the ship safely to ground while also dealing with the Alien.  As we began to leave space and the ship began to experience turbulence, the Alien left. We managed to get through the atmosphere and land safely on the planet with little additional damage. To our dismay, the Alien had not left the ship without a "sample". Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr Genny7 Markus, is missing.