Captain's Log, Stardate 120415

Location- unknown ....After safely landing the Mak'ala on the unknown Class L planetoid we took stock of our situation. Engineering needed at least 6 hours to repair minimal systems, and several days for full repair, including hull breaches. I ordered our Marines to be deployed around the ship whilst we took 3 teams with us to rescue Dr Markus. Green team and blue team fanned out right and left. I, with my Security chief and Science chief, along with a medical technicican to assist if Dr Markus was injured... led the main away team to search for the Dr. We suffered some hallucinations and my tricorder readings were mangled, but we managed to locate Dr Markus at last, with the Alien Entity. After some discussion, I concluded the Alien was not going to negotiate, so I ordered the teams to attack. The Alien vanished. We were able to free the Doctor and take her back to the ship but... she doesn't seem to know who she is. I also was injured on the mission but damage was minimal and Cadet Spingflower cared for me in the field with dispatch. My left shoulder is bothering me, but no other issues. Now we play a waiting game... while engineering works round the clock to get us into space again.