Captain's Log, Stardate 120422

Location- unknown ....I'm still shaking my head.... as the USS Mak'ala begins to leave this dusty planetoid all stations reported in good shape for the trip through the atmosphere. We had hardly travelled 4,000 kilometers before things started to unravel. There was a fire in engineering, and then .... a section of deck 5 decompressed as well. I decided to keep the ship in stationkeeping whilst we dealt with these problems. All was resolved and we moved again, only to have a a failure of life support reported. I had noticed the doctor was saying things about life at this point... but didn't think anything of it. Security reported the fire in engineering had been sabatoge, and access logs showed the doctor had been there... which seemed odd, since she'd been kidnapped by the alien and then off duty until today. She requested to go back to sickbay but, with reluctance, I ordered security take her to her quarters... suddently security reported she had escaped... her comm badge was located in cargo bay 2, meanwhile a shuttle was launched without authorization. We were forced, eventually, to fire on the shuttle and use a tractor beam to return it to the ship, whilst the Alien Entity materialized outside the shuttle and the Doctor said she had to go with it... but begged for help. Finally I ordered security to fire black matter at the Alien, drop shields, beam the doctor to sick bay and raise shields again. We got her... and left the planet atmosphere. OPs reports an alien vessel 10 light years from our position... will this never end. =A=