Captain's Log, Stardate 1204229

Location: unknown... We said goodbye to the Class L planetoid that sheltered us during 5 days of repairs to USS Mak'ala, fighting off the Alien Entity which attempted to re-kidnap the Doctor as we left. We set a course to find the point where we entered this system, hoping that now, with full sensors, we could figure out a way back. The Alien Vessel that lurked 10 light years away on the edge of sensor range suddenly leaped forward to 5 light years distance. In the meantime, we were getting readings from the wormhole and science concluded that it was too small for us to use. It was decided that a phaser blast or two might encourage it to increase diameter, we tried that and failed. The Alien Vessel then appeared 2 light years from us, but travelling away. Security suggested torpedoes might effect the wormhole. Science suggested we recreate the situation that got us into the vortex: two ships firing on each other. I didn't like the sound of that! Then Helm made an observation... it seemed that the Alien Vessel was... us. The wormhole was causing a rift in subspace and time around us was in flux. The mirror of us seemed to be at the point where we had entered the system. We opened hailing frequencies and had our signal repeated back to us. Then that ship launched a shuttle and we realized... they had no sensors or communications due to the damage of the wormhole. They were about to re-live what we had just been through!