Acting Captain's Log, Stardate 120513

LT David7 Bravin: Without a moment to lose (due to the imminent arrival of the third USS Mak'ala) both USS Mak'alas fired torpedoes towards the designated co-ordinates at the mouth of the wormhole. Science reported that the diameter of the wormhole had enlarged sufficiently for both ships to enter, which they duly did - with one using its tractor beam to drag the other. Once inside the anomoly, speeds increased and explosions occurred, resulting in the disappearance of the second and third Mak'alas. Eventually the one and only USS Mak'ala exited the wormhole. Just as the the ship was getting its bearings, two vessels appeared on the sensors. Fearing a repeat attack by alien ships the Mak'ala went to red alert. However, much to the relief of all aboard, the ships turned out to be UFS ships which had been awaiting the Mak'ala's arrival to join the rest of the fleet.