Ship's Log, Stardate 131013

Background: Encrypted orders were given to the USS Armstrong (Galaxy Class) to proceed to the Treman system, with the USS Ghana (Excelsior Class) and USS Colossus (Sovereign Class). There were grave concerns that the Spouwwqna have infiltrated the Treman military government and the planet population, many of whom are space pirates, traders, and others concerned with profit or power. Treman must be freed from Spouwwqnan influence or the result may be another war between Treman and Astraios. Science feels three vessels moving around Treman in coordinated orbits, emitting the nanite frequency from their deflector dishes, aimed at the planet, will remove the Spouwwqna from the population.

USS Neil Armstrong: We will shortly leave the 'protection' of the Taakar Nebula and asteroid belt, making our course towards Treman, in full view of the military patrols and outposts, using probes to help guide the vessel while our navigational array is down. We sent an open message to SS Astraios reporting the damage we had taken when 'bumping' into an asteroid... exaggerating our situation; we have filled sick bay and a triage area with crew to aid in the deception.

Our goal is simple - to obtain permission to orbit Treman for the purpose of repairing our vessel and sending crew to the surface for R&R while the work is done. We will then quietly move into position, while the Ghana and Colossus coordinate with us. When all three vessels are in place, the emission from our combined deflector dishes should free the planet from the Spouwwqna.

We have received an encrypted signal from the Colossus reporting that a fleet is gathering at the Treman space station. For what purpose we do not yet know but... we fear the objective will be Astraios. This makes our task all the more urgent.

It's opening night and I pray all the 'actors' know their lines.

Supplemental: We have taken a DNA sample from the female claiming to be LT T'Prain from the USS Shogun. We have been unable to send it to SS Astraios for transmission to Pinastri, for identification... our last communication from Astraios was garbled but apparently there is an issue with the Astraios communications array and repairs are in progress. T'Prain claims that in her Spouwwqna state she became aware of senior crew from the USS Armstrong being taken to Treman, the information they have is to assist the Spouwwqna and Tremanites to attack Astraios successfully.

Captain's Log, Stardate 131006

USS Neil Armstrong: Our plan was to appear damaged to provide evidence that we need some shore leave and time for repairs at Treman. My plan backfired a bit. My 'scrape the ship on an asteroid' order went slightly awry. We have fluctuating power and our navigational array is down. Life support failed on deck 7. Helm was worried if we kept travelling at warp that we might miss Treman and go into the system's sun. Finally we came up with the idea of launching some probes to guide us. I'm not sure what Treman will think of that, but I gave the order. Three probes were launched to travel ahead of us and provide telemetry. We increased to warp 3, necessary to ensure we would arrive at Treman in time to coordinate with the others. I had OPs send an open, unencrypted message to SS Astraios detailing our condition and saying we were going to request permission to stop at Treman for repairs. We are now back on course, as far as we can tell. Soon we will have to deal with the Treman military, and possibly the Spouwwqna.

Meantime Cmdr Markus and Cmdr Barbosa have been questioning the female Klingon in the brig. And Dr Brogdram has some news about my friend Hans Darax, whose coma has now gone on for days and days... I admit I am worried.

Ship's Log, Stardate 131004

USS Neil Armstrong: Encrypted orders were given to the USS Armstrong (Galaxy Class) to proceed to the Treman system, 4 LY away, with the USS Ghana (Excelsior Class) and USS Colossus (Sovereign Class). There were grave concerns that the Spouwwqna have infiltrated the Treman military government and the planet population, many of whom are space pirates, traders, and others concerned with profit or power. Treman must be freed from Spouwwqnan influence or the result may be another war between Treman and Astraios.

Science feels three vessels moving around Treman in coordinated orbits, emitting the nanite frequency from their deflector dishes, aimed at the planet, will remove the Spouwwqna from the population. The problem will be obtaining permission to orbit the planet without revealing the real reason, and, if this plan is successful, then obtaining cooperation from the Treman government to place NFGs on the planet surface to protect them. They may be suspicious of the devices. Science came up with a UV emitter thinking it would help make Spouwwqna visible. In order to assist with the deception of being damaged, Captain Toocool ordered Helm to "scrape" an asteroid gently as the ship went through an asteroid belt. We were all set to head to Treman whilst sending a distress call when a voice called out in Vulcan. Increasing the emission of UVs brought a figure into sight. She claimed to be from the USS Shogun, taken by the Spouwwqna long ago. The Nanite Frequency Generator helped free her... and she said she knew where some of the lost and assumed deadArmstrong crew might be.

If the Spouwwqna gains access to Treman ships and arsenal, the entire sector could be in danger. Any attack by Treman on Astraios will void the peace treaty between the two planets. If we are able to assist the Tremanites to free themselves from the Spouwwqna, it will be a positive move in creating better relation between the parties.

Rescue of any possible members of the Armstrong crew would be wonderful. But can we trust this woman?

Captain's Log, Stardate 130929

USS Neil Armstrong: We continued along the border of the Taakar Nebula despite the dangers to the ship. Navigation, sensor array, communications, weapons, shields... all major systems affected in some way. We managed to keep shields up and dropped to impulse to negotiate the asteroid belt. Cptn Karl Quar on helm was masterful in his guidance of the ship, we proceeded fairly well for several minutes. Science came up with the idea that ultraviolent rays may make the Spouwwqna visible, and a team was assigned to replicate emitters. Engineering worked on the warp core while we were at impulse, assuring me we would make it back to warp by the time we had exited the asteroid field. Medical continued to look into the reports of lightheadness, headaches and a fist fight. I was concerned the Spouwwqna might be with us, although our NFG's were working and the deflector dish was emitting nanite frequencies.

I instructed engineering and operations that full power to the deflector was vital. Using tractor beam, a phaser array, and our wits, we managed to get through most of the field. Science placed an ultraviolet emitter on the bridge. Communications advised they had picked up a regular report from a Treman patrol ship, who likely had us on sensors. To beef up our story of needing shore leave and repair time, I instructed Helm to - gently - knock the ship into an asteroid so we would have scarring on the hull. Then I had ops send a general distress call, and prepared to go to warp after exiting the asteroids.

Just then I heard a voice whispering on the bridge... asking for help. I looked at everyone else, they seemed not to notice, so I went ahead giving instructions to set a course for Treman at warp 3. The voice repeated itself. A Spouwwqna? Perhaps but... the voice said some words that sounded vaguely familiar. Dr Brogdram confirmed there were other lifeforms besides us. We could see no body... I asked Cmdr Bravin to turn up the ultraviolet emitter and... a female figure slowly became visible. It spoke again, telling us the Spouwwqna know our plans. I was suspicious at first but Genny recognized the language the... being.. spoke as being Vulcan. It told us to turn the frequency on the nanite frequency generator as high as it would go, as the Spouwwqna could not bear it.

In the end she told us she had been sleeping in her quarters on the USS Shogun, deployed in the Delta Quadrant when it entered a nebula, and the Spouwwqna took her, interested in her Klingon physiology. A Klingon who speaks Vulcan? Fascinating.

Captain's Log, Stardate 130928

USS Neil Armstrong, 16 hours from Treman at warp 8. Problems with our warp core have given me the idea that we would approach Treman as a vessel needing repair. It's important our course seem as though we have not come from Astraios, so I ordered that we skirt the Takaar Nebula as the anomaly will cover our tracks and make it difficult to see us on long range sensors. Our NFG's are functioning but there are reports of strange behaviours and at least one fight with serious injuries. Science has come up with the theory that the Spouwwqna live in the Nebula, which makes some sense, and has suggested we help them return to it. I am not sure about this plan. These creatures killed hundreds. I have ordered Science to work on a new idea... how to make them visible to us.

Teams are therefore in Science lab, Medical, and Engineering, each with their tasks to accomplish. Meanwhile, we have had to reduce speed as we are passing through the massive asteroid belt that sits on the edge of the Nebula. Communications are down... just as well as we don't need anyone from Treman coming across our signals.

Background- Encrypted orders were given to the USS Armstrong (Galaxy Class) to proceed to the Treman system, 4 LY away from SS Astraios, with the USS Ghana (Excelsior Class) and USS Colossus (Sovereign Class). There are grave concerns that the Spouwwqna have infiltrated the Treman military government and the planet population, many of whom are space pirates, traders, and others concerned with profit or power. Treman must be freed from Spouwwqnan influence or the result may be another war between Treman and Astraios.

Science feels three vessels moving around Treman in coordinated orbits, emitting the nanite frequency from their deflector dishes, aimed at the planet, will remove the Spouwwqna from the population. The problem will be obtaining permission to orbit the planet without revealing the real reason, and, if this plan is successful, then obtaining cooperation from the Treman government to place NFGs on the planet surface to protect them. They may be suspicious of the devices.

Purpose of mission- Free our closest neighbour from the Spouwwqna. Ensure hostilities between the two planets are not inflamed. Gain cooperation from the Treman government so that the planet may be protected. Offer medical assistance if required.

Potential Outcomes- if the Spouwwqna gains access to Treman ships and arsenal, the entire sector could be in danger. Any attack by Treman on Astraios will void the peace treaty between the two planets. If we are able to assist the Tremanites to free themselves from the Spouwwqna, it will be a positive move in creating better relation between the parties.

Captain's Log, Stardate 130922

USS Neil Armstrong: After some struggles with our newly updated technology, Cmdr Markus guided the ship from space dock and we began our journey to the Treman rendezvous. Much of our morning was spent dealing with the continuing issues with power supply. It is frustrating to say the least - we had to lend our warp core to the Astraios Civilian Authority for 3 days in order to prop up the planetary shield and support the needed nanite frequency generators - our only weapon against the non-corporeal Spouwwqna. This meant we did not have the time to reset the core properly, but we need to use this vessel anyway. I trust that the work that needs to be done will get done in transit. And, in fact, Engineering was able to come up with some solution and we were finally able to get to warp 8, although weapons were offline and shields at minimum. New staff were given orientation. I also discussed with tactical, intelligence, science and Cmdr Markus various details about the Spouwwqna, and how we should approach Treman. In the end I thought we might create the illusion that we are damaged. We could put a few score people in sickbay and quarters, have the warp core appear to be not functioning, and limp in on impulse power to trade Romulan ale, and have R&R while the ship is repaired. That's our plan at the moment. I don't know yet what the others plan to do, but we can't all arrive at Treman at the same time, it might look suspicious.

On a personal note, there has been no change in Hans' condition. I fear for him. He is in sickbay, I refused to let him be transferred to the Majel Hospital on Astraios Prime before we left. I know in my heart he would not want to leave his ship. Am I wrong to put him in danger? Some would say so....

Captain's Log, Stardate 130920

The USS Argonaut returned to SS Astraios, carrying LT T'Pala and specifications for the nanite frequency generator that is our only current weapon against the Spouwwqna. Defstat 2 has been declared. USS Temujin was outfitted with a NFG and assigned to check the KP442 system. USS Neil Armstrong, escorted by the USS Phoenix, returned to SS Astraios with the majority of its crew in stasis pods, many dead or injuried through genetic experimentation performed by those controlled by the Spouwwqna.

Just when I was sitting down to plan out the planting of my garden I received a communication which means I must call my crew together and prepare to leave again.

Encrypted orders have now been given to the USS Armstrong (Galaxy Class) to proceed to the Treman system, 4 LY away, with the USS Ghana (Excelsior Class) and USS Colossus (Sovereign Class). There are grave concerns that the Spouwwqna have infiltrated the Treman military government and the planet population, many of whom are space pirates, traders, and others concerned with profit or power. Treman must be freed from Spouwwqnan influence or the result may be another war between Treman and Astraios.

Science feels three vessels moving around Treman in coordinated orbits, emitting the nanite frequency from their deflector dishes, aimed at the planet, will remove the Spouwwqna from the population. The problem will be obtaining permission to orbit the planet without revealing the real reason, and, if this plan is successful, then obtaining cooperation from the Treman government to place NFGs on the planet surface to protect them. They may be suspicious of the devices.

If the Spouwwqna gains access to Treman ships and arsenal, the entire sector could be in danger. Any attack by Treman on Astraios will void the peace treaty between the two planets. If we are able to assist the Tremanites to free themselves from the Spouwwqna, it will be a positive move in creating better relation between the parties.

We must, we simply must, ensure the old hostilities between Treman and Astraios do not flare up again. At least we leave knowing that the planetary shield is stronger, and our home is protected. Now we need to save the slavers, pirates and riff raff of Treman from the Spouwwqna... what a strange universe we live in.

Captain's Log, Stardate 130915

USS Neil Armstrong: Briefing with crew for the two urgent tasks I felt needed to be managed. Medical, headed by CMO Lane, is to examine the patients freed from the stasis pods and figure out a way to treat them, using all the resources available at the Majel Hospital. The Engineering team, headed by Cptn Quar, has two tasks. One is to strengthen the planetary shield grid, the other is to determine a way to emit the nanite frequency from the shield or from space, in order to protect the planet. Unfortunately NFGs (Nanite Frequency Generators) do not seem to function effectively on the planet surface, perhaps due to the Astraios Effect.

After the briefing, LTjg Baumeister requested a word. Although Engineering needed him, I spoke with him for a short time after the briefing. His concern, as I suspected, was what had happened to Captain Hars Darax, the CO of the Neil Armstrong. He told me how they both had tried to get away from the Spouwwqna during a rest period. While they were escaping, Baumeister was unable to resist the mind control of these beings, and ended up attacking his Captain. He expressed such sincere remorse. I assured him there would be no charge from me in this respect. I am very aware of how it feels to be controlled by a Spouwwqna. There is no choice. You do things you would never dream of doing, even kill. He also was under the impression that he had indeed killed Darax. I was happy to inform him that Hans lies in the Armstrong sickbay, in a deep coma, but apparently stable. He was greatly relieved and went off to join his team at the Singularity Control Tower.

I then went down to sickbay myself, and sat with Hans for a long time, telling him all about our missions and deployments, and my dream of a garden now I am home.

Captain's Log 130914

On approach to SS Astraios, we said farewell to the USS Phoenix with grateful thanks for their assistance in escorting the USS Neil Armstrong home... aboard we had only a skeleton crew from USS Argonaut, and... most Armstrong crew members in stasis pods, many of whom are dead or injured. Those who we have managed to free have shown severe anxiety and paranoia, Dr Lane and his staff are still searching for the cause.

Upon arrival, I received an urgent communication from the Astraios Prime Civilian Authority as well as SS Astraios Security. Apparently weaknesses in the planet shielding have been found. In addition, the shield may protect from unauthorized ship entry, or weapon launch from space... but it does not protect from the Spouwwqna.

Glad as we may be to be home, there is vital work to be done. Resources of SS Astraios and Astraios Colony are stretched to the limit, as so many ships are deployed to patrol the Sector. I have called a briefing aboard USS Neil Armstrong at 130915.1000 hours to assign tasks.

TEAM ONE: The stasis pods are to be beamed down in an orderly fashion to the Majel Community Hospital, where our medical team will attempt to release test subjects and treat them effectively before taking the rest of the living crew from stasis.

TEAM TWO: The Civilian Planetary Shield Grid has several generators, it seems the one in the northern province of Singularity is malfunctioning and the civilian engineers say they are unsure why. In addition, we must figure out a way to use the shield to emit the nanite frequency.

Astraios AutumnFest Events Schedule 130907-130908!

United Federation Starfleet's Astraios Colony, in cooperation with the great folks on 3rd Rock Grid, will be hosting a virtual Fall festival on the weekend of Sep 7th & 8th, to celebrate the opening of our EIGHT sci-fi themed regions and to commemorate the first broadcast of Star Trek on September 8th, 1966.

There will be a number of events: a ribbon-cutting Ceremony to officially ‘open’ the UFS Community Lands, tours, a fun treasure hunt, dances, live performances, exhibits, and closing fireworks by Tommy Parrott.

We welcome everyone to come and tour the Colony proper, with its massive Welcome Centre and gardens, the Helenic Class spacestation SS Astraios, and then cross over the line to visit the *eight* other scifi themed regions that have been created over the summer for the use of roleplayers and visitors, in particular the Galaxy Class starship, USS Neil Armstrong.

The weekend of Sat Sep 7th and Sat Sep 8th is finally upon us - the Fest is 9am to 2pm daily - so come join the fun!
*3rd Rock Grid is a different virtual world to Second Life. In order to go there you need to set up an account, and use a viewer different from the SL viewer (Firestorm, Singularity, Cool, Imprudence, etc). When you log in for the first time, you will be a 'noob' but... at UFS Astraios we have an "Avatar Birthing Deck" where you can set yourself up with skin, shape, hair, clothing, shoes, AO. We want you to be comfortable! Here's the details:


1-Set up an account at using your official UFS name ((UFS members please join using your official UFS name on record with the UFS database!)).

2-Use the correct viewer! (SL viewer doesn't work on OpenSims!) Try Firestorm* or Singularity & the grid is already listed! Or, download Imprudence Viewer (you may also use Viewers like Cool, Dolphin and Hippo), 3RG provides all the techie info here: ... &Itemid=79

3-Set preferences before logging! Best Settings for traveling and visiting 3RG: Viewers bandwith : between 300 - 500 for optimal results, otherwise the textures come in too fast and will congestigate your viewer. (preferences/network/maximum bandwith); if you are using Firestorm make sure your Voice is OFF before logging.

4-Log-in to 3rd Rock Grid (in the unlikely event of technical problems please email

5-Find us! There are usually community greeters at 3RG Welcome, they will direct you to us. If you find yourself alone, look for the UFS Astraios sign and get an LM; or, toggle the Map function and search for UF Starfleet Astraios and transport (if you have a problem TPing, relog directly to the region -- look for 'start location' on your viewer, replace <type region name> with: UF Starfleet Astraios )

6-Set up your avatar! If you've never visited us before (and even if you have), head to our brand new Welcome Centre Supply deck & Avatar Birthing area (take the transporter on the right to "new supply") where you may transform your avatar within a few minutes, you will have a choice of complementary skins, shapes, hair, and clothing (please note if you are arriving for the first time during various events, we may not have time to organize a uniform for you, civilian attire will be available, however)... best to come early for set-up.

7-Join in the celebrations, grab a guidebook, tour the regions, do the treasure hunt, attend the many events!

There is an up-to-date Admin Roster posted in our Welcome Lobby, along with a Welcome Kit for visiting UFS members.


I hope you will take the time to come and see the amazing work that has been done by a variety of UFS personnel over the past 3 months to prepare for this terrific event!

Captain's Log, Stardate 130901

Location: USS Neil Armstrong: An Engineering team of Captain Quar and Ens Baumeister, assisted by Vice CMO Selenmoira Resident due to her expertise in technology, as well as Chief Science Cmdr Bravn and the XO Cmdr Markus, has been working in engineering for hours to try to bring the ship to minimal operating capacity. Life support, and power to replicators, as well as managing the warp core and EPS conduits, is their prime concern. Cptn Quar discovered part of the main computer was missing. Together they managed to improve system function in these areas.

A Medical team of Cmdr Lane, Ens Tamae, Ens Bravin, worked in sickbay with two patients who are suffering from psychosis. I attended them there, leaving Operations Officer Guardian in charge on the bridge. Happily, the USS Phoenix - an Intel ship - had come across our hidden, encrypted message asking for assistance, and came alongside. LT Sands transported to sickbay to offer her services. The cause of the psychosis was not easy to find, in the end though Dr Lane was able to bring the two patients back to full consciousness.

I was concerned that their visions seemed to include birds and cats. LT Sands and I felt this had significance. Thinking the birds might be Federation ships, and cats might be vessels under the control of the Spouwwqna, I requested the Phoenix escort us home. At warp 5, we shall arrive in just over 3 days.

Captain's Log, Stardate 130825

Location: USS Neil Armstrong: The small skeleton crew from the USS Argonaut continues to work around the clock. Assigned to the USS Neil Armstrong until things are set right, they have been tireless in their endeavours to assist the Armstrong crew, who were found in deep caverns on FGC1. This planet is located on the outskirts of the Takaar Nebula, 4 days travel from Astraios Prime and our home base of SS Astraios.

Why the Armstrong crew stranded themselves on a deserted planet and scuttled their ship is not clear. They were most certainly under the control of the Spouwwqna, non-corporeal beings with powerful psychic abilities. The bulk of the crew were placed in stasis pods, either before or after various genetic experiments were performed. We found them stacked, hundreds of them, in the huge underground caverns on FGC1. We were able to free the local area of Spouwwqna, and offer assistance to two of the Armstrong crew who were apparently used by the aliens as tools in their experiments. They were traumatized and shamed by their inability to control their own actions.

After dealing with a strong dampening field that hampered our transporters, we were able to begin the process of beaming the stasis pods to the Armstrong’s cargo bay. Dr Lane, with the help of Engineering and Science, tried to decipher the mystery of the pods, which had no obvious control mechanism. Finally Armstrong medical officer Ensign Tamae was able to calm herself enough to offer assistance. She remembered, as in a dream, a specific set of musical tones. These tones, when played in close proximity to a stasis pod, releases its inner mechanism.

The condition of those in the pods was then assessed by medical. Simple triage was performed in cargo bay two. Those who were more critically injured were beamed to sick bay, the others were instructed to return to quarters. Sadly, many pods held officers who were beyond help. DNA samples were taken for identification purposes, the pods labelled, and beamed to cargo bay one for storage. Our small medical team is overwhelmed with the number of patients and fatalities.

While waiting for the final pods to be transported aboard the Armstrong, I had Dr Daecalad Brogdram join me on the bridge. It was her inspiration that gave us the only weapon we have against the Spouwwqna at the present time. Despite assurances from science and engineering, I cannot help but feel extremely anxious that our Nanite Frequency Generators continue to work. Our deflector dish has been configured to emit this frequency as well, it was this I wished the Doctor to check again. She patiently did so, and then discussed with me an idea for further protection of the ship, which involved deploying five shuttles aft of the Armstrong to create a larger grid of deflectors prepared to emit the nanite frequency.  I gave permission for this suggestion to be implemented, operations officer LT Guardian worked closely with her to prepare the shuttles. He left the bridge to prepare to pilot the lead shuttle.

In the meantime the final stasis pods had been transported from the planet surface along with any remaining supplies. I instructed helm to lay in a course home, avoiding any known traffic areas. Commodore Dorchester, who had been questioning some of the freed crew, joined us on the bridge and gave his assessment of our current situation. He suggested we might consider contacting Starfleet to advise the need for a medical ship to meet us if one was at hand. I had science prepare a masking signal with which to disguise the transmission, and the message was duly sent.  A class 4 probe was deployed to orbit the planet and advise anyone approaching that it was quarantined until further notice.

We left orbit at one half impulse, deploying the shuttles and increasing to full impulse as they achieved the planned formation. As we left the system we increased speed until warp five.

Engineering has a great deal of work to do. The ship’s systems were stripped when the crew abandoned it, and much needs to be done. I am cognisant of the needs of the rescued officers, who need to rest comfortably. Therefore I have instructed Operations to manage power without reducing support to quarters. The only restriction I have permitted is use of replicators, which are limited to the cargo bays, sickbay, science lab, mess hall, and 10-forward.

Now we move, in this odd formation of Galaxy class spaceship and tag-along runabouts, silently and carefully through the Sector, our sights set on home.

Ship's Log, Stardate 130822

Location: USS Neil Armstrong, FGC-5061384 System: The USS Neil Armstrong has been in orbit of FGC1 for two days, managing the ship with a skeleton crew of officers taken from the USS Argonaut to man the most crucial stations. A thorough search of the planet surface indicated multiple life signs. Hundreds of stasis pods were discovered in a huge underground facility. Our newly developed Nanite Frequency Generator was used to displace the non-corporeal life forms named the Spouwwqnan. The effects of a dampening field below ground were neutralized in order that the kidnapped crew of the USS Neil Armstrong, still in their stasis pods, could be transported aboard the ship. There are multiple injuries and casualties to deal with.

One team is in cargo bay two, slowly beaming up pods. The pods need to be opened to assess whether the occupant is living. Then medical must assess their condition, and beam them through to sickbay if urgent care is needed, or send them to quarters after triage. The deceased are to be left inside their pods, a DNA sample is to be taken for identification, the pod is labelled and then tranported to cargo bay one for storage.

Another team is in sickbay, dealing with the critically injured as they come out of stasis as well as receiving DNA samples for identification and data storage. The XO is managing the identification process and crew manifest.

Our proximity to the Taakar Nebula is playing havoc with ship's systems, particularly shields and sensors. As soon as the final pods are aboard, we are to set course for SS Astraios. The journey is to be covert, as it is crucial we avoid any vessels that may be potentially under Spouwwqnan influence while so many of the Armstrong crew are not available for duty.

On the good side, we were able to retrieve most of the ship's supplies from the planet, this includes some produce and juices that will be a welcome relief from replicated fare. Still, Engineering will have some work to return the stripped systems to normal.

Astraios AutumnFest, Stardate 130907/8

[OOC Note] United Federation Starfleet's Astraios Colony, in cooperation with the great folks on 3rd Rock Grid, will be hosting a Fall festival, to celebrate a great year and to commemorate the first broadcast of Star Trek on Sep 8th, 1966.

There will be a number of events: a ribbon-cutting Ceremony to officially ‘open’ the UFS Community Lands, tours, a treasure hunt, dances, live performances, and closing fireworks by Tommy Parrott.

We welcome everyone to come and tour the Colony proper, with its massive Welcome Centre and gardens, the Helenic Class spacestation SS Astraios, and then cross over the line to visit the *eight* other scifi themed regions that have been created over the summer for the use of roleplayers and visitors, in particular the Galaxy Class starship, USS Neil Armstrong. Mark your calendars for Sat Sep 7th and Sat Sep 8th, 9am to 2pm daily and come join the fun!

Captain's Log, Stardate 130818

Location: FGC1, USS Neil Armstrong: After some consideration, I assigned two teams to work with me on the FGC1 planet, as the rest of our skeleton crew was needed to man the deserted USS Neil Armstrong, the XO and 2nd officer were on the bridge, due to my concern that other ships in the vicinity without Nanite Frequency Generators might approach or attack.

Team Two was given the sad task of sorting the living from the dead, and figuring out a way to remove both from the planet. Cptn Quar gave regular reports, and in time they were able to sort out the crew, and devise a method of overcoming the dampening field so transporter locks were possible. It was decided it would be best to beam the stasis pods directly to a cargo bay, and deal with opening the pods there.

Team One, Dr Yalin, Cmdr Barbosa and I, dealt with Ensign Wendy Tapas, who was clearly traumatized by her experience with the Spouwwqna, and needed medical treatment. She seemed to feel safer with Cmdr Barbosa, who was able to calm her and get her to allow medical treatment. We attempted to question her, but the cavern was so cold and so close to where all the rest of the crew was... we decided to take her to the Amstrong and make her comfortable. She was able then to answer some questions. As she was feeling better we went to the cargo bay to greet the other team and work with them on the transporters and triage.

Ship's Log, Stardate 130816

Location: FGC1, FGC-5061384 System: Our situation is difficult. The USS Neil Armstrong is in orbit but with a skeleton crew of officers taken from the USS Argonaut to man the most crucial stations. Half of these are deployed to FGC1 with the Captain. A Nanite Frequency Generator was beamed down to remove the non-corporeal Spouwwqna from the local area. A thorough search of the location where life signs had been noted eventually turned up a huge underground facility and hundreds of stasis pods. Despite a dampening field below ground, two members of the Armstrong crew were freed from Spouwwqnan influence.

There are hundreds of casualties, hundreds of crew in stasis whose condition needs to be assessed, and a limit to how many can be transported aboard the Armstrong with limited hands to operate transporters. The dampening field in the caves means anything to be taken to the ship must be carried or helped up a long steep ramp to the surface in order that a transporter lock may be obtained.

Captain Toocool is organizing work teams to try to resolve these issues.

In addition, our proximity to the Taakar Nebula is playing havoc with ship's systems, particularly shields and sensors. Ship's frequency generator is so far unaffected. The deflector dish has been programmed to emit the frequency pulse as well if needed.

*TEAM ONE - Surface
Search the surface to ensure no bodies or crew have been missed. Plan removal of all deceased officers/crew to the ship to identify them for family notification, and return their bodies to SS Astraios. Study the dampening field and if possible finding a way to reduce its affect so transporters can reach the caverns. Monitor the stability Nanite Frequency Generator.

*TEAM TWO - Underground medical area
One of the two freed crewman from the USS Neil Armstrong crew is an injured medical officer. Assess the Ensign's physical condition, persuade her to allow treatment; question her and gather information about what occurred.

*TEAM THREE - Underground Stasis Pod storage area
The other freed member of the Armstrong crew is an Engineer who appears in good enough physical health to assist in assessing the condition of the remaining crew in the pods. A way must be found to figure out who can be set free on the planet and who needs to remain in stasis and be beamed back that way. Liaise with Team One in identifying those who cannot be helped and in planning how to evacute the Armstrong crew.

Ship's Log, Stardate 130811

Location: USS Neil Armstrong, FGC-5061384 system, Taakar Nebula

With the USS Argonaut dispatched and on her way through the Taakar Nebula to SS Astraios, we laid in a course for the FGC - 5061384 system. Status reports from all stations were fairly good, given our continuing journey through the Nebula. Shields down, weapons off-line, warp engines on-line but unable to give more than warp 3. The XO worked on possible evacuation scenerios while medical prepared for triage. With more than 1,000 officers, crew and civilians missing, and no other data, it was impossible to know their condition so medical needed to be prepared for anything. Captain Toocool instructed Engineering to increase to warp 4, causing some instability, engineering attempted to compensate. Science was ordered to prepare two frequency generators for transport to the planet - the second to remain on the Armstrong unless needed as back-up. As we approached plans were set in place for Away Teams. The XO recommended the first Officers to beam down should be Vulcan. Taking that into consideration, the Team A was headed by Cmdr Markus, and Team B by Dr Lane. Although we were still in the Nebula, we were near the outskirts, sensors were fragmented but clear enough to show no ships in the area and hundreds of life signs on the planet. No attempt was made to stop the ship from entering orbit.

After a reminder from the Captain that the crew of the Armstrong were Starfleet, and therefore should not be fired upon unless circumstances were extreme, phasers were set to stun. Teams beamed down safely and began their search. Cmdr Markus and her team located a dead body, a temple-like building, numerous cargo containers and equipment. Science began to set up the generator. Dr Lane and his team found a crashed, abandoned shuttle and began an examination. The XO called Dr Lane to attend the body the other team had found. The Captain led Team Two in a larger search, spying a container near some rocks. Upon approach, metal struts were noted, indicating some kind of structure once sat here. As the Captain moved forward, the ground disappeared and she fell beneath the surface onto a ramp that lead down to a huge underground facility.

Leaving security to guard the now functioning generator, the rest of the teams then gathered to search the caverns, discovering more cargo, Starfleet machines and technology, as well as a medical bay. Bodies were discovered in stasis pods. Team One was then confronted by a wild looking officer in uniform, babbling nonsense and attempting to attack. He was sedated, as he was clearly still under the influence of the Spouwwqna. A female was also freed from stasis and was confused, asking why we were there and not asleep. Medical dealt with them while the Captain and Cmdr Barbosa went deeper into the cave, discovering at the rear an enormous chamber with hundreds of stasis pods. Although tricorders seemed to be affected by a dampening field it was concluded the crew of the Armstrong must be in the pods.

Science was then instructed to ensure the frequency generator's emissions were strong enough to penetrate the dampening field and free the underground area from any Spouwwqna. Once this was accomplished the two crew members that had been found began to gain control again and ask many questions about what had happened.

A tech was sent up the ramp to attempt communications with the ship, which are still unstable due to the Nebula, but he managed to get through. This report was rendered. The next task is to figure out how to remove the Armstrong crew from the pods and get them aboard the ship. There are not enough crew aboard Armstrong at the moment to be able to operate the transporters effectively, the dampening field below ground is quite powerful, and there is still some danger to transporter function from the nebula as well. Engineering, Science and Medical will have to work together to resolve these issues.

Captain's Log, Stardate 130807

Here we are again in the Taakar Nebula, aboard a deserted Galaxy-class vessel, searching for clues as to where the crew might have gone. We have no doubt they are under the influence of the Spouwwqna, a kind of energy being who use extraordinary psychic powers to control the minds of other sentient beings. We do not know their purpose, but we do know they performed genetic experimentation on the civilian hostages kidnapped by the Naasirkhans. If they have an entire Starfleet crew at their disposal... what is curious to me is that they had the crew discard the technology aboard the USS Neil Armstrong, and the ship itself.

The Nebula of course is interfering with our sensors and other systems, but still we were able to determine where the crew went based on logs and which LCARS were accessed most recently.

It seems that they have gone to the FGC - 5061384 system, which lies at least 10 Light Years away. This system was charted as laying outside the Nebula but with the recent expansion of the anomaly this is no longer the case.

A shuttle was sent back to the Argonaut with all this information, and they have been ordered move away from the Nebula and contact a communications drone to relay this information to SS Astraios. They are return to meet the fleet at Astraios Prime as quickly as possible. An attack by the Spouwwqna may take place and we must be ready. Indeed, remembering my own experiences while under their control while at home... we must safeguard the sector as quickly as possible.

I have declared DefStat 2. I met briefly with LT T'Pala and have entrusted her with a message for Starfleet Command. She will contact them as soon as the Argonaut reaches SS Astraios.

We have transported a skeleton crew and supplies from the Argonaut and now set course for 5061384.

Captain's Log, Stardate 130728

This leg of our mission began after the rescue of the civilian hostages from the Naasirkhans, who had kidnapped them while under the influence of some powerful energy beings called the 'Spouwwqna'. We immediately set course back the way we had come, to the last known position of the USS Neil Armstrong.

She had been following us for some days just out of sensor range, in order to be of assistance if necessary. Unfortunately we had not been able to contact her for some time. I had been deeply concerned that they might be under psychic attack from the Spouwwqna and was most anxious to find them.

We increased to warp nine, but were unable to locate them until we were 10 minutes away from the outer membrane of the Taakar Nebula. Although our systems were affected, we were able to extrapolate from various readings collected before our sensors went down, a possible course for the Armstrong. We reduced speed and entered the Nebula, shields held but other systems were affected. Engineering supplied auxiliary power to the frequency generator which was keeping the Spouwwqna at bay. At last we found the Armstrong, adrfit in the Nebula, shields down and not responding to hails. Although sensors were operating at diminished capacity, if at all, we were able to ascertain one shocking detail: no life signs aboard the vessel.

At that point it seemed the only choice was to board the Armstrong and try to find out what had happened to the crew. Hopefully we would not find a slew of dead bodies... Due to the volatile nebula, it was felt that beaming groups over would be unsafe. As I had in my possession the command codes for the Armstrong, I determined the best course of action would be for me to beam over and then open the shuttle bay doors for the rest of the away team. I informed the bridge crew of this plan, and gave my away team assignments, but had to contend with the protests of both Commander Markus (XO) and Commander Barbosa (Security). I appreciated their concern but disagreed with their suggestion that someone else should go, as I had the necessary information. I asked Captain Quar to beam me to a shuttle on the Armstrong shuttle bay, to give some further protection should there be an issue on the Armstrong we were unable to detect. He concurred.

I gathered my supplies and proceeded to the transporter room whilst the away teams assembled on our shuttle bay and launched a vessel. As communications, both internally and ship to ship, were spotty at best, I told Commander Barbosa to watch for the Armstrong's shuttle bay doors to open. At that point she would know it was safe to come aboard.

I arrived safely and exited the shuttle. It was very eerie, to be on a large, cold, deserted vessel. I was able to access shuttle bay controls at the console and proceeded to engage force fields and open the bay doors. In a few minutes the shuttle had landed. The two teams had their individual assignements - Team 1 was to access engineering and install a frequency generator as well as assess the condition of the ship. Team 2 was to go to the bridge and check various records, logs, and other data to see what we could find.

We confirmed that noone was on the ship. After investigating thoroughly, we came up with the theory that the bulk of the crew had been transported to a planet in a system within the Nebula. A skeleton crew had then taken the Armstrong some distance away, left her adrift, and had taken a shuttle back to that planet. With the frequency generator installed, and working, our next task would be to inform the Argonaut of our findings, and together set course for that planet to find the crew of the USS Neil Armstrong.

Captain's Log, Stardate 130721

After leaving the Naasirkhan vessel, we set course for the coordinates given to us by Frisk, some distance away. Commander Markus took Helm as many of our crew are still shaken from their experience, and her part Vulcan blood allows some security of mind after all we have been through. As we travelled to the location, Engineering prepared transporters. I was reluctant to beam aboard anyone who had been subject to genetic manipulation for fear of contagion. A force field was suggested for Cargo Bay 2 as the worst cases of injury among the hostages were to be beamed there. In addition, Dr Brogdram worked to develop a screening method and bio filter to separate the experiment subjects from the rest of the hostages. Dr Lane and his team prepared triage. Cdmr Bravin was in charge of ensuring our deflector dish was prepared to emit the nanite frequency.

As we approached the coordinates sensors showed another Naasirkhan vessel. I called yellow alert. However, their shields were down, weapons offline, and the only life forms appeared to be the hostages. We brought the Argonaut closer, turning our ship to face theirs, and lowering only front shields in order to begin transport. It seemed to take forever, but at last all 205 were aboard. Some were badly injured, in particular a burn patient was beamed into sickbay as Dr Lane and Crewman Recruit Yalin felt she was in critical condition.

We then set course for the last known coordinates of the USS Neil Armstrong. They had been shadowing our course at some distance in case we needed assistance... they had not answered any hails for some time and I felt in my bones that they were under psychic attack, as we had been, from the Spouwwqna. I was determined to reach them as quickly as possible. We increased speed as soon as we could, achieving warp nine. We finally received a hail from the Armstrong, but it was garbled. I called red alert as we approached, ready to set our plan in motion.

Captain's Log, Stardate 130714

I am pleased to report some success. Science and Engineering teams headed by Cmdr Bravin and Cptn Quar were able to decipher enough Naasirkhan technology to be able to place a frequency generator aboard their ship, thus freeing them from the influence of the non-corporeal beings they call simply, 'the ghosts', which, in their language, is 'ap spouwwqna'. At the same time, a second team led by Dr Lane worked in the Naasirkhan sick bay to remove the symbiote from Dr Brogdram and place it, as instructed by the Naarsirkhan hologram, in stasis. Cmdr Markus supervised both away teams and also negotiated with the Naarsirkhan on our behalf, obtaining, at the end of these two procedures, the coordinates where the civilians are being kept. The Naasirkhans offered as well, an apology, saying that they never would have kidnapped the hostages on their own, that it was the Spouwwqna who forced them to do this.

Our next step is to rescue the hostages and backtrack to the Armstrong, who may well be in need of our assistance. They are not responding to hails.

Captain's Log, Stardate 130712

Through the excellent work of Dr Brogdram, Dr Lane, Intern Yalin, Cmdr Bravin, Ctpn Quar, and LT T'Pala we have discovered a way to defeat the non-corporeal, sentient beings that have been haunting the lives of the Naarsirkhans and their symbiotes. Cmdr Bravin has created a generator to broadcast a specific frequency in the local area and free us from their influence. Having been a victim of their telepathic control, I am extremely relieved they are gone. Their attempt to launch a psychic attack against the Argonaut has been defeated. I am concerned, however, about the crew of the Neil Armstrong, who has been following our course, is some distance behind us, and is now not answering our encrypted hails. Since our generator is only able to emit the frequency within a short range, we need to get to them and ensure they are free from the influence of the non-corporeal beings.

We also have the issue of 205 civilians who were taken hostage by the Naasirkhans. And Dr Brogdram is still host to the symbiote Queen. I hope to trade our knowledge of the energy frequency that defeats the energy demons to the Naasirkhans if they release the civilians and take back their symbiote.

If all goes well, an away team will shortly board the Naasirkhan vessel, science will install a generator for them, medical will work with them to transfer the symbiote to a host of their choice. We will closely monitor the procedure to ensure the safety of Dr. Brogdram.

Looking over LCARS, and remembering my own training, the different non-corporeal species UFS has come into contact with do not utilize technology, and compensate for that with intrinsic physiological capabilities. Some non-corporeal races have evolved beyond the need for sustenance, and some wield substantial control over space and time. It seems apparent the beings we have just come into contact with do feed on the life energy of others. From my dim memory of being inhabited by one, I would say they also like negative emotions, the dark feelings that most humanoids experience. Which explains why paranoia, fear, conflict, confusion, pain, etc, became rampant on the ship during their attack on us. I hope the crew will focus on the tasks now to be done, and begin to smile again.

Medical Intern's Log, Stardate 130707

My species (Vulcan) is impervious to human emotions and has a strength of mind that combats attempts at telepathic control. For this reason I was charged with leadership of Vulcans in Security and Medical, to watch over Captain Toocool, who we had moved to a shuttle aft of the Argonaut. I returned to the Intrepid class vessel to work with Cmdr Bravin (Chief Science) and Cdmr Lane (Chief Medical), as I had complete scans of the Captain from her first arrival in sick bay before the incident with Dr Brogdram. At that point I became aware of reports from the crew, and evidence on the bridge, of increasing psychic issues, such as hallucinations, dizziness, headaches, paranoia, anger, distrust, and confusion. It became apparent that the ship and crew were under attack and a solution needed to be found.

Despite the heightened emotions, several of the bridge crew were able to focus enough to take Dr Brogdram's information and begin to work on a way to combat the abilities of the non-corporeal beings that have used the Naasirkhans and their symbiotes as unwilling hosts for so long. With Science, Medical and Engineering all cooperating together on that task, I have returned to the shuttle to ensure the safe-keeping of the Captain.

=LT T'Pala out=

Ship's Log, Stardate 130705

A battle of words with Dr Daecalan Brogdram in sickbay ended with the Doctor threatening to inject the Captain with nanites in order to strengthen her against the Naasirshan's ability to control her mind. A procedure the Captain normally never would submit to, as it would alter her physiological being forever... but the Doctor was under orders from the Captain to do anything needed to save the ship, and that included doing whatever was necessary to disable the alien's ability to control the Captain. Just as the Doctor was about to inject the nanites, the Captain disappeared. Kidnapped? Removed to another area on the ship? If they have the ability to transport at such a range, why would they not transport the Doctor too? As she is host to their Queen, a symbiote.

Meantime the Argonaut has been repaired and has set course to follow the trail of an alien probe... searching for the Naasirkhan's and the civilian hostages they have captured. An encrypted signal has been sent to the USS Neil Armstrong, who follows at some distance, to advise them of the current situation.

From the Doctor's conversation with whomever controlled the Captain's mind, it seems that the Naasirkhan's never intended to trade the hostages for their Queen, but lured the ship here in order to capture all aboard the Argonaut for their own purposes.

Captain's Log, Stardate 130628

We are almost in comms range of the designated coordinates for our meeting with the Naasirkhans, who hold 210 humanoid civilians as hostage. Thanks to Cmdr Markus we understand better their motivations for using the innocents as a way of forcing us to comply with their demands. Yet they know us very little, for if it were explained to us we might assist them freely. The USS Neil Armstrong is close behind us, remaining out of reach of long range scans by sitting just inside the border of the Taakar Nebula. The probe we sent ahead has assisted us in extracting further information and we have attempted to sabatoge their computer systems by using a low band frequency. We must get their shields down so we can rescue the civilians. Yellow alert.

Captain's Log, Stardate 130621

The lives of 205 civilian hostages are at stake. We entered the Taakar Nebula to save time, and make the rendezvous with whomever contacted us a solar day ago. They demand the alien female we had captured be returned to them, or they will kill the hostages - who were kidnapped from a transport vessel near Treman. We assume the threatening message was sent by others of her kin, willing to wage war on innocent civilians in order to make us cooperate. We entered this anomoly in an attempt to meet the aliens at the specified time, as going around the nebula would make the journey impossibly long. We were delayed by the loss of guiding telemetry from the probe we had launched, the nebula's affect on our systems... and a crisis in sickbay.

I have never felt such a sense of confusion. But our mission and the looming threat to the hostages is helping me focus. Dr Brogdram has been... infultrated. I am unsure how much of what she says is her, and how much is the alien within her. We are attempting to stay at warp 9 as long as possible to reach the coordinates we were given, as instructed. What we will face when we get there I do not know. Meantime every department is working to get back on track and ensure systems are optimal. We must have weapons, shields... and diplomacy ready when we arrive. I have called a briefing with senior officers for 1000 hours. We must be ready.

Captain's Log, Stardate 130519.1430

Location: USS Argonaut, 7.34 LY from Tiberius Nebula

I don't have time for a long log, except to say we had an incredible battle with the 116 mining vessel, which had been altered by an alien race bent on eradicating life from the class M planet. Everyone worked hard to try to defeat them, we took heavy damage and many injuries among the crew. We were well matched and even with all our ingenuity, unable to stop them from firing on the planet. We were swiftly running out of options when Medical recommended outfitting a torpedo with nannites programed to take out the aliem systems. We did so, even then they continued to attack us. Then, out of nowhere, phaserfire, and a hail from the USS Neil Armstrong! They attacked the alien ship and then locked on the tractor beam to tow us out of harms way. I have to meet with the Captain and their Tactical Chief to discuss our options.

=Toocool out

Ship's Log, Stardate 130517

Production Number: AST-RP100
Initiated: 130224
Year: 2388

USS Argonaut, tasked with protecting SS Astraios, Astraios Prime and the Astraios System from the effects of an alien device implanted in the Astraios sun, puts ship and crew in harm’s way by entering the solar corona in an attempt to destroy or remove it. Through an ingenious use of tractor beam technology, they are able to lock onto the device and tow it into normal space.

The alien mechanism continues to operate, affecting the Argonaut’s systems as well as causing disruption throughout the Sector. Unwilling to try to destroy the contraption so close to populated areas, and, in order to mitigate the effects it produces, the Argonaut launches an unmanned shuttle, which latches onto the device and is manoeuvred so that it proceeds the ship on a course towards the Sector border.

Several hours later, a large asteroid is detected, travelling slowly towards an anomaly exerting a large gravimetric force. Science has determined a possible method of powering the device down, but will need to be physically at the device to switch it off. Transporting to the shuttle is not an option: besides the issue of having to lower shields, the apparatus itself takes up all available space in the shuttle, including that of the transporter pad. The Officer sent would likely materialize inside the device. Not a happy prospect.

The suggestion is made that landing the device on the asteroid would be the best option, although the Argonaut must be careful not to enter the event horizon of what has been identified as a black hole. The Captain orders a marker launched, Helm is to monitor ship’s chronometer and ensure it agrees with that of the probe, slowly being left behind as the ship, shuttle and device are maneuvered into position.

The shuttle is directed to land on the asteroid, controlled by the Argonaut helm. The gravimetric forces are strong, the device itself is affecting systems, and in the end control of the shuttle is lost, and it crashes on the asteroid. Despite the dangers, a small Away Team, clothed in environmental suits, is beamed down to disable the alien mechanism. They manage to switch it off, and the Argonaut beams them back aboard. Weapons are armed and the device is targeted.

Two torpedoes are launched and the alien apparatus is destroyed, along with the asteroid as well. The resulting shock wave latches onto the Argonaut and the ship is tossed into the huge gravimetric eddies emitted by the anomaly. Several crew are injured, radiation levels increase, but the device has been destroyed and everyone in the Astraios Sector is safe from its effects.

Amid the jubilation, the ship’s chronometer is duly checked against that of the probe. It is not in alignment. The Captain orders a course set back the way they came, using the probe’s signal as a beacon. Warp drive is engaged, but the Argonaut does not respond: The ship has entered the event horizon of the black hole, and is securely in its grip.

Attempts are made to free the vessel from the gravimetric forces. The engines strain and hull integrity becomes an issue. The Captain recalls a mission aboard the Enterprise D, where that ship was in a similar situation and made the choice to go into the anomaly in an effort to save the vessel and crew.

The now distant probe is used as a communication relay, as Operations tries to send a signal to SS Astraios to advise the situation. No response is received.

The Captain orders Helm to set course for the centre of the anomaly. Despite shielding, radiation levels rise within the vessel. Power distribution is an issue as engines have been affected. Life support is maintained, however. Then the ship enters what appears to be a subspace corridor, one that begins to collapse around the Argonaut, threatening to crush the hull. The deflector dish is used to emit a tachyon pulse, which opens the conduit enough that the ship can slip through, entering normal space again at half impulse, limping a little, but alive and kicking.

Astrometrics reports no record of this area. The communications array was damaged in the wormhole, but even after repair, it appears there is nothing and no one within reach. No way back, the only choice is to go forward. A stunningly beautiful nebula glimmers at a distance. After some repair on the ship, a course is set toward it to allow Science to collect data. Since the area is uncharted, Astrometrics gets to work, and the Captain names the Tiberius Nebula. Probes are launched at regular intervals, to collect data, monitor the black hole, and mark a path in case the Argonaut needs to return to its entry point.

As the ship moves forward, a signal is detected. It appears to be coming either from or beyond the nebula. It is transmitted in a language the Universal Translator doesn’t recognize. Problems with systems continue, in addition some of the crew have come down with a form of influenza; issues with dreams or waking episodes, possibly stress or some kind of unknown effect on humanoids travelling through a black hole, are also reported. All is documented.

Travelling at low warp, the ship traverses the nebula using the alien signal as a homing beacon since sensors fail while in such an anomaly. When scans resume, a system is discovered, within it is a class P planet which seems to be the source of the transmission. No life signs are detected.

Science feels a few words from a native speaker would assist the translator to be able to decipher the signal. No one appears to be on the planet, but something or someone was sending a message on an open frequency. The Captain decides to investigate. The Argonaut is put into orbit, and a shuttle is dispatched with an Away Team aboard. The atmosphere below is cold, and storms are frequent, but the team lands safely and spreads out to recon the area. Time is short as sensors show a massive atmospheric disturbance approaching the encampment.

The Away Team searches the planet surface and returns safely to the ship, with data from the technology, shuttle and other items they found, along with information about a corpse. A cave had been located and Science wants to return to examine it as the materials around it are reflecting scans. Tactical finds a warp trail approximately 48 hours old, leading away from the planet. Science is working to translate the signal that led the Argonaut here - which they now believe might be a distress call. The storm below is moving away from the encampment. Engineering works to repair the EPS conduits while Science was given 2 hours to complete the Away Mission to examine the cave.

Chief Science Officer Bravin requests a briefing with the Captain after the Team returns to the Argonaut. In the cave they had discovered dead bodies, gems, further signs of violence, and mining equipment.

After the debrief, course is set to follow the warp trail. Increasing to warp 7, suddenly the ship encounters an energy field Science describes as similar to a Tholian web. The Argonaut is forced to back off. Determined to follow the alien vessel, the Captain asks Science and Tactical to figure out how the alien vessel had passed through the web, which appeared to be made of the same crystalline material as some items found at the mining encampment. Helm spots a small class M planet ahead, beyond the web. Various means to break through the web are discussed.

Having no idea how the vessel that proceeded the Argonaut crossed this boundary, the ship begins a series of lateral searches, moving the ship across the grid from west to east, east to west, scanning as they go.

The alien vessel is identified as a mining vessel that appears to belong to Species 116. It is suspected that the freighter has been commandeered by whoever attacked the miners on the class P planet . Whoever they are, they may well have come to the Class M planet to continue their violent assault on what is perhaps a home world for at least some of the survivors of that race, most of whom were assimilated by the Borg, an unfortunate turn of events predicated by the inadvertent actions of Captain Kathryn Janeway and USS Voyager.

Evidence of advanced technology had been found in the investigation at the mining encampment, and Species 116 are reportedly superior in their use of technology. The Captain orders stealth mode. Ships communications to be text only. No transmissions inside or outside the Argonaut. The cloaked probe is launched, entering the system ahead and sending back telemetry via a signal set to appear like space noise. The Argonaut is also cloaked, strain on the weakened power systems continues, decks are evacuated, officers double up in quarters, and use of replicators is restricted to the mess only. Routines are set so Junior Officers eat first after their watch... all this while the Argonaut plays a waiting game, using the time to become acquainted with all data on Species 116, and to continue repairs.

Finally they are able to find an area of the web with an opening large enough to allow the Argonaut through. Course is set, and the ship moves at one quarter impulse, toward the class M planet and the mining vessel now in orbit. The concern: who is on that vessel. As the Argonaut comes through the net, sensors confirm some kind of activity is taking place, moreover the ships' counsellor senses what she calls a 'bad feeling'. A shuttle is outfitted with a cloak, a team of marines prepare for an Away Mission. They are to approach the mining vessel, disable its weaponary, transport over and capture it. Ship's course is set so that aft shuttle bay will be facing away from the planet and mining vessel when the shields are dropped to launch the shuttle.

Soon sensors and senses appear to confirm the planet is being attacked. Yellow alert is called, but the order is given to keep weapons offline until the Captain says otherwise. Every bit of power is going to the cloak and shields as the Argonaut and its crew move into position.

Captain's Log, Stardate 130502

We have followed an alien vessel, believing it to carry those who perpetrated a devastating attack on a mining colony, which was located on a Class P planet near the Tiberius Nebula and our point of entry for this area of space. The black hole conduit has sent us far from charted areas, and we are out of communication with Astraios and Starfleet. We located a planet we believe to be the destination of the alien ship, but our path is blocked by a space web. Engineering informs me the warp signature might be Species 116. We are preparing a cloaked probe to send through the web to gather more information, and I have instructed engineering to cloak the Argonaut once the probe is launched. We are alone here and I am reluctant to initiate any kind of confrontation with a species known to dislike Starfleet. Further... Species 116 is a Delta Quadrant species. Have they crossed into Gamma? Or have we crossed into Delta??

Captain's Log, Stardate 130426

Location: 4 LY spinward of Tiberius Nebula

*Poison Toocool paces her ready room. A cup of Earl Grey sits cooling on her desk, next to the fruit salad she hasn't touched.* "Computer, personal log."

Stardate 130426.1132: We came through the Black Hole corridor without significant damage to the ship, and a few cases of radiation poisoning that has been retified. A strange flu-like ailment infected some of the crew, Dr. Lane is still exploring the causes. Engineering had to replace some plasma packs. Engines have been somewhat troublesome and we are dealing with power distribution issues on an ongoing basis.

We passed through an unknown and amazingly beautiful nebula, which we have charted as the Tiberius Nebula, the outer membrane located approximately two light years trailing our point of entry. We located a signal in an unknown language, which lead us to a class P planet that appears to be uninhabited except for a mining encampment. We found dead bodies, odd gem stones, and other unfamiliar technology there. Investigation points to violence and murder, the gems possibly the motivation. Scans located warp trails leading from the planet in all directions, most were old and decaying, one was new. We have followed this trail and have located what appears to be a Class M planet protected by a space web, not unlike a Tholian web. We are now searching for an opening.

I am increasingly uneasy.

We are out of communications with SS Astraios, and Starfleet. We are alone here. We have no idea where in the Gamma Quadrant we have ended up. We have no idea which way is home.

The safety of this ship and its crew is entirely mine. The choices I make now... could mean the difference between life and death for us all.

*She turns and looks out her window, at the web and the tiny blue ball beyond.*