Captain's Log, Stardate 130426

Location: 4 LY spinward of Tiberius Nebula

*Poison Toocool paces her ready room. A cup of Earl Grey sits cooling on her desk, next to the fruit salad she hasn't touched.* "Computer, personal log."

Stardate 130426.1132: We came through the Black Hole corridor without significant damage to the ship, and a few cases of radiation poisoning that has been retified. A strange flu-like ailment infected some of the crew, Dr. Lane is still exploring the causes. Engineering had to replace some plasma packs. Engines have been somewhat troublesome and we are dealing with power distribution issues on an ongoing basis.

We passed through an unknown and amazingly beautiful nebula, which we have charted as the Tiberius Nebula, the outer membrane located approximately two light years trailing our point of entry. We located a signal in an unknown language, which lead us to a class P planet that appears to be uninhabited except for a mining encampment. We found dead bodies, odd gem stones, and other unfamiliar technology there. Investigation points to violence and murder, the gems possibly the motivation. Scans located warp trails leading from the planet in all directions, most were old and decaying, one was new. We have followed this trail and have located what appears to be a Class M planet protected by a space web, not unlike a Tholian web. We are now searching for an opening.

I am increasingly uneasy.

We are out of communications with SS Astraios, and Starfleet. We are alone here. We have no idea where in the Gamma Quadrant we have ended up. We have no idea which way is home.

The safety of this ship and its crew is entirely mine. The choices I make now... could mean the difference between life and death for us all.

*She turns and looks out her window, at the web and the tiny blue ball beyond.*