Captain's Log, Stardate 130502

We have followed an alien vessel, believing it to carry those who perpetrated a devastating attack on a mining colony, which was located on a Class P planet near the Tiberius Nebula and our point of entry for this area of space. The black hole conduit has sent us far from charted areas, and we are out of communication with Astraios and Starfleet. We located a planet we believe to be the destination of the alien ship, but our path is blocked by a space web. Engineering informs me the warp signature might be Species 116. We are preparing a cloaked probe to send through the web to gather more information, and I have instructed engineering to cloak the Argonaut once the probe is launched. We are alone here and I am reluctant to initiate any kind of confrontation with a species known to dislike Starfleet. Further... Species 116 is a Delta Quadrant species. Have they crossed into Gamma? Or have we crossed into Delta??