Captain's Log, Stardate 130519.1430

Location: USS Argonaut, 7.34 LY from Tiberius Nebula

I don't have time for a long log, except to say we had an incredible battle with the 116 mining vessel, which had been altered by an alien race bent on eradicating life from the class M planet. Everyone worked hard to try to defeat them, we took heavy damage and many injuries among the crew. We were well matched and even with all our ingenuity, unable to stop them from firing on the planet. We were swiftly running out of options when Medical recommended outfitting a torpedo with nannites programed to take out the aliem systems. We did so, even then they continued to attack us. Then, out of nowhere, phaserfire, and a hail from the USS Neil Armstrong! They attacked the alien ship and then locked on the tractor beam to tow us out of harms way. I have to meet with the Captain and their Tactical Chief to discuss our options.

=Toocool out