Captain's Log, Stardate 130621

The lives of 205 civilian hostages are at stake. We entered the Taakar Nebula to save time, and make the rendezvous with whomever contacted us a solar day ago. They demand the alien female we had captured be returned to them, or they will kill the hostages - who were kidnapped from a transport vessel near Treman. We assume the threatening message was sent by others of her kin, willing to wage war on innocent civilians in order to make us cooperate. We entered this anomoly in an attempt to meet the aliens at the specified time, as going around the nebula would make the journey impossibly long. We were delayed by the loss of guiding telemetry from the probe we had launched, the nebula's affect on our systems... and a crisis in sickbay.

I have never felt such a sense of confusion. But our mission and the looming threat to the hostages is helping me focus. Dr Brogdram has been... infultrated. I am unsure how much of what she says is her, and how much is the alien within her. We are attempting to stay at warp 9 as long as possible to reach the coordinates we were given, as instructed. What we will face when we get there I do not know. Meantime every department is working to get back on track and ensure systems are optimal. We must have weapons, shields... and diplomacy ready when we arrive. I have called a briefing with senior officers for 1000 hours. We must be ready.