Captain's Log, Stardate 130712

Through the excellent work of Dr Brogdram, Dr Lane, Intern Yalin, Cmdr Bravin, Ctpn Quar, and LT T'Pala we have discovered a way to defeat the non-corporeal, sentient beings that have been haunting the lives of the Naarsirkhans and their symbiotes. Cmdr Bravin has created a generator to broadcast a specific frequency in the local area and free us from their influence. Having been a victim of their telepathic control, I am extremely relieved they are gone. Their attempt to launch a psychic attack against the Argonaut has been defeated. I am concerned, however, about the crew of the Neil Armstrong, who has been following our course, is some distance behind us, and is now not answering our encrypted hails. Since our generator is only able to emit the frequency within a short range, we need to get to them and ensure they are free from the influence of the non-corporeal beings.

We also have the issue of 205 civilians who were taken hostage by the Naasirkhans. And Dr Brogdram is still host to the symbiote Queen. I hope to trade our knowledge of the energy frequency that defeats the energy demons to the Naasirkhans if they release the civilians and take back their symbiote.

If all goes well, an away team will shortly board the Naasirkhan vessel, science will install a generator for them, medical will work with them to transfer the symbiote to a host of their choice. We will closely monitor the procedure to ensure the safety of Dr. Brogdram.

Looking over LCARS, and remembering my own training, the different non-corporeal species UFS has come into contact with do not utilize technology, and compensate for that with intrinsic physiological capabilities. Some non-corporeal races have evolved beyond the need for sustenance, and some wield substantial control over space and time. It seems apparent the beings we have just come into contact with do feed on the life energy of others. From my dim memory of being inhabited by one, I would say they also like negative emotions, the dark feelings that most humanoids experience. Which explains why paranoia, fear, conflict, confusion, pain, etc, became rampant on the ship during their attack on us. I hope the crew will focus on the tasks now to be done, and begin to smile again.