Captain's Log, Stardate 130714

I am pleased to report some success. Science and Engineering teams headed by Cmdr Bravin and Cptn Quar were able to decipher enough Naasirkhan technology to be able to place a frequency generator aboard their ship, thus freeing them from the influence of the non-corporeal beings they call simply, 'the ghosts', which, in their language, is 'ap spouwwqna'. At the same time, a second team led by Dr Lane worked in the Naasirkhan sick bay to remove the symbiote from Dr Brogdram and place it, as instructed by the Naarsirkhan hologram, in stasis. Cmdr Markus supervised both away teams and also negotiated with the Naarsirkhan on our behalf, obtaining, at the end of these two procedures, the coordinates where the civilians are being kept. The Naasirkhans offered as well, an apology, saying that they never would have kidnapped the hostages on their own, that it was the Spouwwqna who forced them to do this.

Our next step is to rescue the hostages and backtrack to the Armstrong, who may well be in need of our assistance. They are not responding to hails.