Captain's Log, Stardate 130721

After leaving the Naasirkhan vessel, we set course for the coordinates given to us by Frisk, some distance away. Commander Markus took Helm as many of our crew are still shaken from their experience, and her part Vulcan blood allows some security of mind after all we have been through. As we travelled to the location, Engineering prepared transporters. I was reluctant to beam aboard anyone who had been subject to genetic manipulation for fear of contagion. A force field was suggested for Cargo Bay 2 as the worst cases of injury among the hostages were to be beamed there. In addition, Dr Brogdram worked to develop a screening method and bio filter to separate the experiment subjects from the rest of the hostages. Dr Lane and his team prepared triage. Cdmr Bravin was in charge of ensuring our deflector dish was prepared to emit the nanite frequency.

As we approached the coordinates sensors showed another Naasirkhan vessel. I called yellow alert. However, their shields were down, weapons offline, and the only life forms appeared to be the hostages. We brought the Argonaut closer, turning our ship to face theirs, and lowering only front shields in order to begin transport. It seemed to take forever, but at last all 205 were aboard. Some were badly injured, in particular a burn patient was beamed into sickbay as Dr Lane and Crewman Recruit Yalin felt she was in critical condition.

We then set course for the last known coordinates of the USS Neil Armstrong. They had been shadowing our course at some distance in case we needed assistance... they had not answered any hails for some time and I felt in my bones that they were under psychic attack, as we had been, from the Spouwwqna. I was determined to reach them as quickly as possible. We increased speed as soon as we could, achieving warp nine. We finally received a hail from the Armstrong, but it was garbled. I called red alert as we approached, ready to set our plan in motion.