Medical Intern's Log, Stardate 130707

My species (Vulcan) is impervious to human emotions and has a strength of mind that combats attempts at telepathic control. For this reason I was charged with leadership of Vulcans in Security and Medical, to watch over Captain Toocool, who we had moved to a shuttle aft of the Argonaut. I returned to the Intrepid class vessel to work with Cmdr Bravin (Chief Science) and Cdmr Lane (Chief Medical), as I had complete scans of the Captain from her first arrival in sick bay before the incident with Dr Brogdram. At that point I became aware of reports from the crew, and evidence on the bridge, of increasing psychic issues, such as hallucinations, dizziness, headaches, paranoia, anger, distrust, and confusion. It became apparent that the ship and crew were under attack and a solution needed to be found.

Despite the heightened emotions, several of the bridge crew were able to focus enough to take Dr Brogdram's information and begin to work on a way to combat the abilities of the non-corporeal beings that have used the Naasirkhans and their symbiotes as unwilling hosts for so long. With Science, Medical and Engineering all cooperating together on that task, I have returned to the shuttle to ensure the safe-keeping of the Captain.

=LT T'Pala out=