Ship's Log, Stardate 130705

A battle of words with Dr Daecalan Brogdram in sickbay ended with the Doctor threatening to inject the Captain with nanites in order to strengthen her against the Naasirshan's ability to control her mind. A procedure the Captain normally never would submit to, as it would alter her physiological being forever... but the Doctor was under orders from the Captain to do anything needed to save the ship, and that included doing whatever was necessary to disable the alien's ability to control the Captain. Just as the Doctor was about to inject the nanites, the Captain disappeared. Kidnapped? Removed to another area on the ship? If they have the ability to transport at such a range, why would they not transport the Doctor too? As she is host to their Queen, a symbiote.

Meantime the Argonaut has been repaired and has set course to follow the trail of an alien probe... searching for the Naasirkhan's and the civilian hostages they have captured. An encrypted signal has been sent to the USS Neil Armstrong, who follows at some distance, to advise them of the current situation.

From the Doctor's conversation with whomever controlled the Captain's mind, it seems that the Naasirkhan's never intended to trade the hostages for their Queen, but lured the ship here in order to capture all aboard the Argonaut for their own purposes.