Captain's Log, Stardate 130825

Location: USS Neil Armstrong: The small skeleton crew from the USS Argonaut continues to work around the clock. Assigned to the USS Neil Armstrong until things are set right, they have been tireless in their endeavours to assist the Armstrong crew, who were found in deep caverns on FGC1. This planet is located on the outskirts of the Takaar Nebula, 4 days travel from Astraios Prime and our home base of SS Astraios.

Why the Armstrong crew stranded themselves on a deserted planet and scuttled their ship is not clear. They were most certainly under the control of the Spouwwqna, non-corporeal beings with powerful psychic abilities. The bulk of the crew were placed in stasis pods, either before or after various genetic experiments were performed. We found them stacked, hundreds of them, in the huge underground caverns on FGC1. We were able to free the local area of Spouwwqna, and offer assistance to two of the Armstrong crew who were apparently used by the aliens as tools in their experiments. They were traumatized and shamed by their inability to control their own actions.

After dealing with a strong dampening field that hampered our transporters, we were able to begin the process of beaming the stasis pods to the Armstrong’s cargo bay. Dr Lane, with the help of Engineering and Science, tried to decipher the mystery of the pods, which had no obvious control mechanism. Finally Armstrong medical officer Ensign Tamae was able to calm herself enough to offer assistance. She remembered, as in a dream, a specific set of musical tones. These tones, when played in close proximity to a stasis pod, releases its inner mechanism.

The condition of those in the pods was then assessed by medical. Simple triage was performed in cargo bay two. Those who were more critically injured were beamed to sick bay, the others were instructed to return to quarters. Sadly, many pods held officers who were beyond help. DNA samples were taken for identification purposes, the pods labelled, and beamed to cargo bay one for storage. Our small medical team is overwhelmed with the number of patients and fatalities.

While waiting for the final pods to be transported aboard the Armstrong, I had Dr Daecalad Brogdram join me on the bridge. It was her inspiration that gave us the only weapon we have against the Spouwwqna at the present time. Despite assurances from science and engineering, I cannot help but feel extremely anxious that our Nanite Frequency Generators continue to work. Our deflector dish has been configured to emit this frequency as well, it was this I wished the Doctor to check again. She patiently did so, and then discussed with me an idea for further protection of the ship, which involved deploying five shuttles aft of the Armstrong to create a larger grid of deflectors prepared to emit the nanite frequency.  I gave permission for this suggestion to be implemented, operations officer LT Guardian worked closely with her to prepare the shuttles. He left the bridge to prepare to pilot the lead shuttle.

In the meantime the final stasis pods had been transported from the planet surface along with any remaining supplies. I instructed helm to lay in a course home, avoiding any known traffic areas. Commodore Dorchester, who had been questioning some of the freed crew, joined us on the bridge and gave his assessment of our current situation. He suggested we might consider contacting Starfleet to advise the need for a medical ship to meet us if one was at hand. I had science prepare a masking signal with which to disguise the transmission, and the message was duly sent.  A class 4 probe was deployed to orbit the planet and advise anyone approaching that it was quarantined until further notice.

We left orbit at one half impulse, deploying the shuttles and increasing to full impulse as they achieved the planned formation. As we left the system we increased speed until warp five.

Engineering has a great deal of work to do. The ship’s systems were stripped when the crew abandoned it, and much needs to be done. I am cognisant of the needs of the rescued officers, who need to rest comfortably. Therefore I have instructed Operations to manage power without reducing support to quarters. The only restriction I have permitted is use of replicators, which are limited to the cargo bays, sickbay, science lab, mess hall, and 10-forward.

Now we move, in this odd formation of Galaxy class spaceship and tag-along runabouts, silently and carefully through the Sector, our sights set on home.

Ship's Log, Stardate 130822

Location: USS Neil Armstrong, FGC-5061384 System: The USS Neil Armstrong has been in orbit of FGC1 for two days, managing the ship with a skeleton crew of officers taken from the USS Argonaut to man the most crucial stations. A thorough search of the planet surface indicated multiple life signs. Hundreds of stasis pods were discovered in a huge underground facility. Our newly developed Nanite Frequency Generator was used to displace the non-corporeal life forms named the Spouwwqnan. The effects of a dampening field below ground were neutralized in order that the kidnapped crew of the USS Neil Armstrong, still in their stasis pods, could be transported aboard the ship. There are multiple injuries and casualties to deal with.

One team is in cargo bay two, slowly beaming up pods. The pods need to be opened to assess whether the occupant is living. Then medical must assess their condition, and beam them through to sickbay if urgent care is needed, or send them to quarters after triage. The deceased are to be left inside their pods, a DNA sample is to be taken for identification, the pod is labelled and then tranported to cargo bay one for storage.

Another team is in sickbay, dealing with the critically injured as they come out of stasis as well as receiving DNA samples for identification and data storage. The XO is managing the identification process and crew manifest.

Our proximity to the Taakar Nebula is playing havoc with ship's systems, particularly shields and sensors. As soon as the final pods are aboard, we are to set course for SS Astraios. The journey is to be covert, as it is crucial we avoid any vessels that may be potentially under Spouwwqnan influence while so many of the Armstrong crew are not available for duty.

On the good side, we were able to retrieve most of the ship's supplies from the planet, this includes some produce and juices that will be a welcome relief from replicated fare. Still, Engineering will have some work to return the stripped systems to normal.

Astraios AutumnFest, Stardate 130907/8

[OOC Note] United Federation Starfleet's Astraios Colony, in cooperation with the great folks on 3rd Rock Grid, will be hosting a Fall festival, to celebrate a great year and to commemorate the first broadcast of Star Trek on Sep 8th, 1966.

There will be a number of events: a ribbon-cutting Ceremony to officially ‘open’ the UFS Community Lands, tours, a treasure hunt, dances, live performances, and closing fireworks by Tommy Parrott.

We welcome everyone to come and tour the Colony proper, with its massive Welcome Centre and gardens, the Helenic Class spacestation SS Astraios, and then cross over the line to visit the *eight* other scifi themed regions that have been created over the summer for the use of roleplayers and visitors, in particular the Galaxy Class starship, USS Neil Armstrong. Mark your calendars for Sat Sep 7th and Sat Sep 8th, 9am to 2pm daily and come join the fun!

Captain's Log, Stardate 130818

Location: FGC1, USS Neil Armstrong: After some consideration, I assigned two teams to work with me on the FGC1 planet, as the rest of our skeleton crew was needed to man the deserted USS Neil Armstrong, the XO and 2nd officer were on the bridge, due to my concern that other ships in the vicinity without Nanite Frequency Generators might approach or attack.

Team Two was given the sad task of sorting the living from the dead, and figuring out a way to remove both from the planet. Cptn Quar gave regular reports, and in time they were able to sort out the crew, and devise a method of overcoming the dampening field so transporter locks were possible. It was decided it would be best to beam the stasis pods directly to a cargo bay, and deal with opening the pods there.

Team One, Dr Yalin, Cmdr Barbosa and I, dealt with Ensign Wendy Tapas, who was clearly traumatized by her experience with the Spouwwqna, and needed medical treatment. She seemed to feel safer with Cmdr Barbosa, who was able to calm her and get her to allow medical treatment. We attempted to question her, but the cavern was so cold and so close to where all the rest of the crew was... we decided to take her to the Amstrong and make her comfortable. She was able then to answer some questions. As she was feeling better we went to the cargo bay to greet the other team and work with them on the transporters and triage.

Ship's Log, Stardate 130816

Location: FGC1, FGC-5061384 System: Our situation is difficult. The USS Neil Armstrong is in orbit but with a skeleton crew of officers taken from the USS Argonaut to man the most crucial stations. Half of these are deployed to FGC1 with the Captain. A Nanite Frequency Generator was beamed down to remove the non-corporeal Spouwwqna from the local area. A thorough search of the location where life signs had been noted eventually turned up a huge underground facility and hundreds of stasis pods. Despite a dampening field below ground, two members of the Armstrong crew were freed from Spouwwqnan influence.

There are hundreds of casualties, hundreds of crew in stasis whose condition needs to be assessed, and a limit to how many can be transported aboard the Armstrong with limited hands to operate transporters. The dampening field in the caves means anything to be taken to the ship must be carried or helped up a long steep ramp to the surface in order that a transporter lock may be obtained.

Captain Toocool is organizing work teams to try to resolve these issues.

In addition, our proximity to the Taakar Nebula is playing havoc with ship's systems, particularly shields and sensors. Ship's frequency generator is so far unaffected. The deflector dish has been programmed to emit the frequency pulse as well if needed.

*TEAM ONE - Surface
Search the surface to ensure no bodies or crew have been missed. Plan removal of all deceased officers/crew to the ship to identify them for family notification, and return their bodies to SS Astraios. Study the dampening field and if possible finding a way to reduce its affect so transporters can reach the caverns. Monitor the stability Nanite Frequency Generator.

*TEAM TWO - Underground medical area
One of the two freed crewman from the USS Neil Armstrong crew is an injured medical officer. Assess the Ensign's physical condition, persuade her to allow treatment; question her and gather information about what occurred.

*TEAM THREE - Underground Stasis Pod storage area
The other freed member of the Armstrong crew is an Engineer who appears in good enough physical health to assist in assessing the condition of the remaining crew in the pods. A way must be found to figure out who can be set free on the planet and who needs to remain in stasis and be beamed back that way. Liaise with Team One in identifying those who cannot be helped and in planning how to evacute the Armstrong crew.

Ship's Log, Stardate 130811

Location: USS Neil Armstrong, FGC-5061384 system, Taakar Nebula

With the USS Argonaut dispatched and on her way through the Taakar Nebula to SS Astraios, we laid in a course for the FGC - 5061384 system. Status reports from all stations were fairly good, given our continuing journey through the Nebula. Shields down, weapons off-line, warp engines on-line but unable to give more than warp 3. The XO worked on possible evacuation scenerios while medical prepared for triage. With more than 1,000 officers, crew and civilians missing, and no other data, it was impossible to know their condition so medical needed to be prepared for anything. Captain Toocool instructed Engineering to increase to warp 4, causing some instability, engineering attempted to compensate. Science was ordered to prepare two frequency generators for transport to the planet - the second to remain on the Armstrong unless needed as back-up. As we approached plans were set in place for Away Teams. The XO recommended the first Officers to beam down should be Vulcan. Taking that into consideration, the Team A was headed by Cmdr Markus, and Team B by Dr Lane. Although we were still in the Nebula, we were near the outskirts, sensors were fragmented but clear enough to show no ships in the area and hundreds of life signs on the planet. No attempt was made to stop the ship from entering orbit.

After a reminder from the Captain that the crew of the Armstrong were Starfleet, and therefore should not be fired upon unless circumstances were extreme, phasers were set to stun. Teams beamed down safely and began their search. Cmdr Markus and her team located a dead body, a temple-like building, numerous cargo containers and equipment. Science began to set up the generator. Dr Lane and his team found a crashed, abandoned shuttle and began an examination. The XO called Dr Lane to attend the body the other team had found. The Captain led Team Two in a larger search, spying a container near some rocks. Upon approach, metal struts were noted, indicating some kind of structure once sat here. As the Captain moved forward, the ground disappeared and she fell beneath the surface onto a ramp that lead down to a huge underground facility.

Leaving security to guard the now functioning generator, the rest of the teams then gathered to search the caverns, discovering more cargo, Starfleet machines and technology, as well as a medical bay. Bodies were discovered in stasis pods. Team One was then confronted by a wild looking officer in uniform, babbling nonsense and attempting to attack. He was sedated, as he was clearly still under the influence of the Spouwwqna. A female was also freed from stasis and was confused, asking why we were there and not asleep. Medical dealt with them while the Captain and Cmdr Barbosa went deeper into the cave, discovering at the rear an enormous chamber with hundreds of stasis pods. Although tricorders seemed to be affected by a dampening field it was concluded the crew of the Armstrong must be in the pods.

Science was then instructed to ensure the frequency generator's emissions were strong enough to penetrate the dampening field and free the underground area from any Spouwwqna. Once this was accomplished the two crew members that had been found began to gain control again and ask many questions about what had happened.

A tech was sent up the ramp to attempt communications with the ship, which are still unstable due to the Nebula, but he managed to get through. This report was rendered. The next task is to figure out how to remove the Armstrong crew from the pods and get them aboard the ship. There are not enough crew aboard Armstrong at the moment to be able to operate the transporters effectively, the dampening field below ground is quite powerful, and there is still some danger to transporter function from the nebula as well. Engineering, Science and Medical will have to work together to resolve these issues.

Captain's Log, Stardate 130807

Here we are again in the Taakar Nebula, aboard a deserted Galaxy-class vessel, searching for clues as to where the crew might have gone. We have no doubt they are under the influence of the Spouwwqna, a kind of energy being who use extraordinary psychic powers to control the minds of other sentient beings. We do not know their purpose, but we do know they performed genetic experimentation on the civilian hostages kidnapped by the Naasirkhans. If they have an entire Starfleet crew at their disposal... what is curious to me is that they had the crew discard the technology aboard the USS Neil Armstrong, and the ship itself.

The Nebula of course is interfering with our sensors and other systems, but still we were able to determine where the crew went based on logs and which LCARS were accessed most recently.

It seems that they have gone to the FGC - 5061384 system, which lies at least 10 Light Years away. This system was charted as laying outside the Nebula but with the recent expansion of the anomaly this is no longer the case.

A shuttle was sent back to the Argonaut with all this information, and they have been ordered move away from the Nebula and contact a communications drone to relay this information to SS Astraios. They are return to meet the fleet at Astraios Prime as quickly as possible. An attack by the Spouwwqna may take place and we must be ready. Indeed, remembering my own experiences while under their control while at home... we must safeguard the sector as quickly as possible.

I have declared DefStat 2. I met briefly with LT T'Pala and have entrusted her with a message for Starfleet Command. She will contact them as soon as the Argonaut reaches SS Astraios.

We have transported a skeleton crew and supplies from the Argonaut and now set course for 5061384.