Captain's Log, Stardate 130807

Here we are again in the Taakar Nebula, aboard a deserted Galaxy-class vessel, searching for clues as to where the crew might have gone. We have no doubt they are under the influence of the Spouwwqna, a kind of energy being who use extraordinary psychic powers to control the minds of other sentient beings. We do not know their purpose, but we do know they performed genetic experimentation on the civilian hostages kidnapped by the Naasirkhans. If they have an entire Starfleet crew at their disposal... what is curious to me is that they had the crew discard the technology aboard the USS Neil Armstrong, and the ship itself.

The Nebula of course is interfering with our sensors and other systems, but still we were able to determine where the crew went based on logs and which LCARS were accessed most recently.

It seems that they have gone to the FGC - 5061384 system, which lies at least 10 Light Years away. This system was charted as laying outside the Nebula but with the recent expansion of the anomaly this is no longer the case.

A shuttle was sent back to the Argonaut with all this information, and they have been ordered move away from the Nebula and contact a communications drone to relay this information to SS Astraios. They are return to meet the fleet at Astraios Prime as quickly as possible. An attack by the Spouwwqna may take place and we must be ready. Indeed, remembering my own experiences while under their control while at home... we must safeguard the sector as quickly as possible.

I have declared DefStat 2. I met briefly with LT T'Pala and have entrusted her with a message for Starfleet Command. She will contact them as soon as the Argonaut reaches SS Astraios.

We have transported a skeleton crew and supplies from the Argonaut and now set course for 5061384.