Captain's Log, Stardate 130818

Location: FGC1, USS Neil Armstrong: After some consideration, I assigned two teams to work with me on the FGC1 planet, as the rest of our skeleton crew was needed to man the deserted USS Neil Armstrong, the XO and 2nd officer were on the bridge, due to my concern that other ships in the vicinity without Nanite Frequency Generators might approach or attack.

Team Two was given the sad task of sorting the living from the dead, and figuring out a way to remove both from the planet. Cptn Quar gave regular reports, and in time they were able to sort out the crew, and devise a method of overcoming the dampening field so transporter locks were possible. It was decided it would be best to beam the stasis pods directly to a cargo bay, and deal with opening the pods there.

Team One, Dr Yalin, Cmdr Barbosa and I, dealt with Ensign Wendy Tapas, who was clearly traumatized by her experience with the Spouwwqna, and needed medical treatment. She seemed to feel safer with Cmdr Barbosa, who was able to calm her and get her to allow medical treatment. We attempted to question her, but the cavern was so cold and so close to where all the rest of the crew was... we decided to take her to the Amstrong and make her comfortable. She was able then to answer some questions. As she was feeling better we went to the cargo bay to greet the other team and work with them on the transporters and triage.