Captain's Log, Stardate 130825

Location: USS Neil Armstrong: The small skeleton crew from the USS Argonaut continues to work around the clock. Assigned to the USS Neil Armstrong until things are set right, they have been tireless in their endeavours to assist the Armstrong crew, who were found in deep caverns on FGC1. This planet is located on the outskirts of the Takaar Nebula, 4 days travel from Astraios Prime and our home base of SS Astraios.

Why the Armstrong crew stranded themselves on a deserted planet and scuttled their ship is not clear. They were most certainly under the control of the Spouwwqna, non-corporeal beings with powerful psychic abilities. The bulk of the crew were placed in stasis pods, either before or after various genetic experiments were performed. We found them stacked, hundreds of them, in the huge underground caverns on FGC1. We were able to free the local area of Spouwwqna, and offer assistance to two of the Armstrong crew who were apparently used by the aliens as tools in their experiments. They were traumatized and shamed by their inability to control their own actions.

After dealing with a strong dampening field that hampered our transporters, we were able to begin the process of beaming the stasis pods to the Armstrong’s cargo bay. Dr Lane, with the help of Engineering and Science, tried to decipher the mystery of the pods, which had no obvious control mechanism. Finally Armstrong medical officer Ensign Tamae was able to calm herself enough to offer assistance. She remembered, as in a dream, a specific set of musical tones. These tones, when played in close proximity to a stasis pod, releases its inner mechanism.

The condition of those in the pods was then assessed by medical. Simple triage was performed in cargo bay two. Those who were more critically injured were beamed to sick bay, the others were instructed to return to quarters. Sadly, many pods held officers who were beyond help. DNA samples were taken for identification purposes, the pods labelled, and beamed to cargo bay one for storage. Our small medical team is overwhelmed with the number of patients and fatalities.

While waiting for the final pods to be transported aboard the Armstrong, I had Dr Daecalad Brogdram join me on the bridge. It was her inspiration that gave us the only weapon we have against the Spouwwqna at the present time. Despite assurances from science and engineering, I cannot help but feel extremely anxious that our Nanite Frequency Generators continue to work. Our deflector dish has been configured to emit this frequency as well, it was this I wished the Doctor to check again. She patiently did so, and then discussed with me an idea for further protection of the ship, which involved deploying five shuttles aft of the Armstrong to create a larger grid of deflectors prepared to emit the nanite frequency.  I gave permission for this suggestion to be implemented, operations officer LT Guardian worked closely with her to prepare the shuttles. He left the bridge to prepare to pilot the lead shuttle.

In the meantime the final stasis pods had been transported from the planet surface along with any remaining supplies. I instructed helm to lay in a course home, avoiding any known traffic areas. Commodore Dorchester, who had been questioning some of the freed crew, joined us on the bridge and gave his assessment of our current situation. He suggested we might consider contacting Starfleet to advise the need for a medical ship to meet us if one was at hand. I had science prepare a masking signal with which to disguise the transmission, and the message was duly sent.  A class 4 probe was deployed to orbit the planet and advise anyone approaching that it was quarantined until further notice.

We left orbit at one half impulse, deploying the shuttles and increasing to full impulse as they achieved the planned formation. As we left the system we increased speed until warp five.

Engineering has a great deal of work to do. The ship’s systems were stripped when the crew abandoned it, and much needs to be done. I am cognisant of the needs of the rescued officers, who need to rest comfortably. Therefore I have instructed Operations to manage power without reducing support to quarters. The only restriction I have permitted is use of replicators, which are limited to the cargo bays, sickbay, science lab, mess hall, and 10-forward.

Now we move, in this odd formation of Galaxy class spaceship and tag-along runabouts, silently and carefully through the Sector, our sights set on home.