Ship's Log, Stardate 130811

Location: USS Neil Armstrong, FGC-5061384 system, Taakar Nebula

With the USS Argonaut dispatched and on her way through the Taakar Nebula to SS Astraios, we laid in a course for the FGC - 5061384 system. Status reports from all stations were fairly good, given our continuing journey through the Nebula. Shields down, weapons off-line, warp engines on-line but unable to give more than warp 3. The XO worked on possible evacuation scenerios while medical prepared for triage. With more than 1,000 officers, crew and civilians missing, and no other data, it was impossible to know their condition so medical needed to be prepared for anything. Captain Toocool instructed Engineering to increase to warp 4, causing some instability, engineering attempted to compensate. Science was ordered to prepare two frequency generators for transport to the planet - the second to remain on the Armstrong unless needed as back-up. As we approached plans were set in place for Away Teams. The XO recommended the first Officers to beam down should be Vulcan. Taking that into consideration, the Team A was headed by Cmdr Markus, and Team B by Dr Lane. Although we were still in the Nebula, we were near the outskirts, sensors were fragmented but clear enough to show no ships in the area and hundreds of life signs on the planet. No attempt was made to stop the ship from entering orbit.

After a reminder from the Captain that the crew of the Armstrong were Starfleet, and therefore should not be fired upon unless circumstances were extreme, phasers were set to stun. Teams beamed down safely and began their search. Cmdr Markus and her team located a dead body, a temple-like building, numerous cargo containers and equipment. Science began to set up the generator. Dr Lane and his team found a crashed, abandoned shuttle and began an examination. The XO called Dr Lane to attend the body the other team had found. The Captain led Team Two in a larger search, spying a container near some rocks. Upon approach, metal struts were noted, indicating some kind of structure once sat here. As the Captain moved forward, the ground disappeared and she fell beneath the surface onto a ramp that lead down to a huge underground facility.

Leaving security to guard the now functioning generator, the rest of the teams then gathered to search the caverns, discovering more cargo, Starfleet machines and technology, as well as a medical bay. Bodies were discovered in stasis pods. Team One was then confronted by a wild looking officer in uniform, babbling nonsense and attempting to attack. He was sedated, as he was clearly still under the influence of the Spouwwqna. A female was also freed from stasis and was confused, asking why we were there and not asleep. Medical dealt with them while the Captain and Cmdr Barbosa went deeper into the cave, discovering at the rear an enormous chamber with hundreds of stasis pods. Although tricorders seemed to be affected by a dampening field it was concluded the crew of the Armstrong must be in the pods.

Science was then instructed to ensure the frequency generator's emissions were strong enough to penetrate the dampening field and free the underground area from any Spouwwqna. Once this was accomplished the two crew members that had been found began to gain control again and ask many questions about what had happened.

A tech was sent up the ramp to attempt communications with the ship, which are still unstable due to the Nebula, but he managed to get through. This report was rendered. The next task is to figure out how to remove the Armstrong crew from the pods and get them aboard the ship. There are not enough crew aboard Armstrong at the moment to be able to operate the transporters effectively, the dampening field below ground is quite powerful, and there is still some danger to transporter function from the nebula as well. Engineering, Science and Medical will have to work together to resolve these issues.