Ship's Log, Stardate 130816

Location: FGC1, FGC-5061384 System: Our situation is difficult. The USS Neil Armstrong is in orbit but with a skeleton crew of officers taken from the USS Argonaut to man the most crucial stations. Half of these are deployed to FGC1 with the Captain. A Nanite Frequency Generator was beamed down to remove the non-corporeal Spouwwqna from the local area. A thorough search of the location where life signs had been noted eventually turned up a huge underground facility and hundreds of stasis pods. Despite a dampening field below ground, two members of the Armstrong crew were freed from Spouwwqnan influence.

There are hundreds of casualties, hundreds of crew in stasis whose condition needs to be assessed, and a limit to how many can be transported aboard the Armstrong with limited hands to operate transporters. The dampening field in the caves means anything to be taken to the ship must be carried or helped up a long steep ramp to the surface in order that a transporter lock may be obtained.

Captain Toocool is organizing work teams to try to resolve these issues.

In addition, our proximity to the Taakar Nebula is playing havoc with ship's systems, particularly shields and sensors. Ship's frequency generator is so far unaffected. The deflector dish has been programmed to emit the frequency pulse as well if needed.

*TEAM ONE - Surface
Search the surface to ensure no bodies or crew have been missed. Plan removal of all deceased officers/crew to the ship to identify them for family notification, and return their bodies to SS Astraios. Study the dampening field and if possible finding a way to reduce its affect so transporters can reach the caverns. Monitor the stability Nanite Frequency Generator.

*TEAM TWO - Underground medical area
One of the two freed crewman from the USS Neil Armstrong crew is an injured medical officer. Assess the Ensign's physical condition, persuade her to allow treatment; question her and gather information about what occurred.

*TEAM THREE - Underground Stasis Pod storage area
The other freed member of the Armstrong crew is an Engineer who appears in good enough physical health to assist in assessing the condition of the remaining crew in the pods. A way must be found to figure out who can be set free on the planet and who needs to remain in stasis and be beamed back that way. Liaise with Team One in identifying those who cannot be helped and in planning how to evacute the Armstrong crew.