Ship's Log, Stardate 130822

Location: USS Neil Armstrong, FGC-5061384 System: The USS Neil Armstrong has been in orbit of FGC1 for two days, managing the ship with a skeleton crew of officers taken from the USS Argonaut to man the most crucial stations. A thorough search of the planet surface indicated multiple life signs. Hundreds of stasis pods were discovered in a huge underground facility. Our newly developed Nanite Frequency Generator was used to displace the non-corporeal life forms named the Spouwwqnan. The effects of a dampening field below ground were neutralized in order that the kidnapped crew of the USS Neil Armstrong, still in their stasis pods, could be transported aboard the ship. There are multiple injuries and casualties to deal with.

One team is in cargo bay two, slowly beaming up pods. The pods need to be opened to assess whether the occupant is living. Then medical must assess their condition, and beam them through to sickbay if urgent care is needed, or send them to quarters after triage. The deceased are to be left inside their pods, a DNA sample is to be taken for identification, the pod is labelled and then tranported to cargo bay one for storage.

Another team is in sickbay, dealing with the critically injured as they come out of stasis as well as receiving DNA samples for identification and data storage. The XO is managing the identification process and crew manifest.

Our proximity to the Taakar Nebula is playing havoc with ship's systems, particularly shields and sensors. As soon as the final pods are aboard, we are to set course for SS Astraios. The journey is to be covert, as it is crucial we avoid any vessels that may be potentially under Spouwwqnan influence while so many of the Armstrong crew are not available for duty.

On the good side, we were able to retrieve most of the ship's supplies from the planet, this includes some produce and juices that will be a welcome relief from replicated fare. Still, Engineering will have some work to return the stripped systems to normal.