Astraios AutumnFest Events Schedule 130907-130908!

United Federation Starfleet's Astraios Colony, in cooperation with the great folks on 3rd Rock Grid, will be hosting a virtual Fall festival on the weekend of Sep 7th & 8th, to celebrate the opening of our EIGHT sci-fi themed regions and to commemorate the first broadcast of Star Trek on September 8th, 1966.

There will be a number of events: a ribbon-cutting Ceremony to officially ‘open’ the UFS Community Lands, tours, a fun treasure hunt, dances, live performances, exhibits, and closing fireworks by Tommy Parrott.

We welcome everyone to come and tour the Colony proper, with its massive Welcome Centre and gardens, the Helenic Class spacestation SS Astraios, and then cross over the line to visit the *eight* other scifi themed regions that have been created over the summer for the use of roleplayers and visitors, in particular the Galaxy Class starship, USS Neil Armstrong.

The weekend of Sat Sep 7th and Sat Sep 8th is finally upon us - the Fest is 9am to 2pm daily - so come join the fun!
*3rd Rock Grid is a different virtual world to Second Life. In order to go there you need to set up an account, and use a viewer different from the SL viewer (Firestorm, Singularity, Cool, Imprudence, etc). When you log in for the first time, you will be a 'noob' but... at UFS Astraios we have an "Avatar Birthing Deck" where you can set yourself up with skin, shape, hair, clothing, shoes, AO. We want you to be comfortable! Here's the details:


1-Set up an account at using your official UFS name ((UFS members please join using your official UFS name on record with the UFS database!)).

2-Use the correct viewer! (SL viewer doesn't work on OpenSims!) Try Firestorm* or Singularity & the grid is already listed! Or, download Imprudence Viewer (you may also use Viewers like Cool, Dolphin and Hippo), 3RG provides all the techie info here: ... &Itemid=79

3-Set preferences before logging! Best Settings for traveling and visiting 3RG: Viewers bandwith : between 300 - 500 for optimal results, otherwise the textures come in too fast and will congestigate your viewer. (preferences/network/maximum bandwith); if you are using Firestorm make sure your Voice is OFF before logging.

4-Log-in to 3rd Rock Grid (in the unlikely event of technical problems please email

5-Find us! There are usually community greeters at 3RG Welcome, they will direct you to us. If you find yourself alone, look for the UFS Astraios sign and get an LM; or, toggle the Map function and search for UF Starfleet Astraios and transport (if you have a problem TPing, relog directly to the region -- look for 'start location' on your viewer, replace <type region name> with: UF Starfleet Astraios )

6-Set up your avatar! If you've never visited us before (and even if you have), head to our brand new Welcome Centre Supply deck & Avatar Birthing area (take the transporter on the right to "new supply") where you may transform your avatar within a few minutes, you will have a choice of complementary skins, shapes, hair, and clothing (please note if you are arriving for the first time during various events, we may not have time to organize a uniform for you, civilian attire will be available, however)... best to come early for set-up.

7-Join in the celebrations, grab a guidebook, tour the regions, do the treasure hunt, attend the many events!

There is an up-to-date Admin Roster posted in our Welcome Lobby, along with a Welcome Kit for visiting UFS members.


I hope you will take the time to come and see the amazing work that has been done by a variety of UFS personnel over the past 3 months to prepare for this terrific event!