Captain's Log 130914

On approach to SS Astraios, we said farewell to the USS Phoenix with grateful thanks for their assistance in escorting the USS Neil Armstrong home... aboard we had only a skeleton crew from USS Argonaut, and... most Armstrong crew members in stasis pods, many of whom are dead or injured. Those who we have managed to free have shown severe anxiety and paranoia, Dr Lane and his staff are still searching for the cause.

Upon arrival, I received an urgent communication from the Astraios Prime Civilian Authority as well as SS Astraios Security. Apparently weaknesses in the planet shielding have been found. In addition, the shield may protect from unauthorized ship entry, or weapon launch from space... but it does not protect from the Spouwwqna.

Glad as we may be to be home, there is vital work to be done. Resources of SS Astraios and Astraios Colony are stretched to the limit, as so many ships are deployed to patrol the Sector. I have called a briefing aboard USS Neil Armstrong at 130915.1000 hours to assign tasks.

TEAM ONE: The stasis pods are to be beamed down in an orderly fashion to the Majel Community Hospital, where our medical team will attempt to release test subjects and treat them effectively before taking the rest of the living crew from stasis.

TEAM TWO: The Civilian Planetary Shield Grid has several generators, it seems the one in the northern province of Singularity is malfunctioning and the civilian engineers say they are unsure why. In addition, we must figure out a way to use the shield to emit the nanite frequency.