Captain's Log, Stardate 130901

Location: USS Neil Armstrong: An Engineering team of Captain Quar and Ens Baumeister, assisted by Vice CMO Selenmoira Resident due to her expertise in technology, as well as Chief Science Cmdr Bravn and the XO Cmdr Markus, has been working in engineering for hours to try to bring the ship to minimal operating capacity. Life support, and power to replicators, as well as managing the warp core and EPS conduits, is their prime concern. Cptn Quar discovered part of the main computer was missing. Together they managed to improve system function in these areas.

A Medical team of Cmdr Lane, Ens Tamae, Ens Bravin, worked in sickbay with two patients who are suffering from psychosis. I attended them there, leaving Operations Officer Guardian in charge on the bridge. Happily, the USS Phoenix - an Intel ship - had come across our hidden, encrypted message asking for assistance, and came alongside. LT Sands transported to sickbay to offer her services. The cause of the psychosis was not easy to find, in the end though Dr Lane was able to bring the two patients back to full consciousness.

I was concerned that their visions seemed to include birds and cats. LT Sands and I felt this had significance. Thinking the birds might be Federation ships, and cats might be vessels under the control of the Spouwwqna, I requested the Phoenix escort us home. At warp 5, we shall arrive in just over 3 days.