Captain's Log, Stardate 130915

USS Neil Armstrong: Briefing with crew for the two urgent tasks I felt needed to be managed. Medical, headed by CMO Lane, is to examine the patients freed from the stasis pods and figure out a way to treat them, using all the resources available at the Majel Hospital. The Engineering team, headed by Cptn Quar, has two tasks. One is to strengthen the planetary shield grid, the other is to determine a way to emit the nanite frequency from the shield or from space, in order to protect the planet. Unfortunately NFGs (Nanite Frequency Generators) do not seem to function effectively on the planet surface, perhaps due to the Astraios Effect.

After the briefing, LTjg Baumeister requested a word. Although Engineering needed him, I spoke with him for a short time after the briefing. His concern, as I suspected, was what had happened to Captain Hars Darax, the CO of the Neil Armstrong. He told me how they both had tried to get away from the Spouwwqna during a rest period. While they were escaping, Baumeister was unable to resist the mind control of these beings, and ended up attacking his Captain. He expressed such sincere remorse. I assured him there would be no charge from me in this respect. I am very aware of how it feels to be controlled by a Spouwwqna. There is no choice. You do things you would never dream of doing, even kill. He also was under the impression that he had indeed killed Darax. I was happy to inform him that Hans lies in the Armstrong sickbay, in a deep coma, but apparently stable. He was greatly relieved and went off to join his team at the Singularity Control Tower.

I then went down to sickbay myself, and sat with Hans for a long time, telling him all about our missions and deployments, and my dream of a garden now I am home.