Captain's Log, Stardate 130920

The USS Argonaut returned to SS Astraios, carrying LT T'Pala and specifications for the nanite frequency generator that is our only current weapon against the Spouwwqna. Defstat 2 has been declared. USS Temujin was outfitted with a NFG and assigned to check the KP442 system. USS Neil Armstrong, escorted by the USS Phoenix, returned to SS Astraios with the majority of its crew in stasis pods, many dead or injuried through genetic experimentation performed by those controlled by the Spouwwqna.

Just when I was sitting down to plan out the planting of my garden I received a communication which means I must call my crew together and prepare to leave again.

Encrypted orders have now been given to the USS Armstrong (Galaxy Class) to proceed to the Treman system, 4 LY away, with the USS Ghana (Excelsior Class) and USS Colossus (Sovereign Class). There are grave concerns that the Spouwwqna have infiltrated the Treman military government and the planet population, many of whom are space pirates, traders, and others concerned with profit or power. Treman must be freed from Spouwwqnan influence or the result may be another war between Treman and Astraios.

Science feels three vessels moving around Treman in coordinated orbits, emitting the nanite frequency from their deflector dishes, aimed at the planet, will remove the Spouwwqna from the population. The problem will be obtaining permission to orbit the planet without revealing the real reason, and, if this plan is successful, then obtaining cooperation from the Treman government to place NFGs on the planet surface to protect them. They may be suspicious of the devices.

If the Spouwwqna gains access to Treman ships and arsenal, the entire sector could be in danger. Any attack by Treman on Astraios will void the peace treaty between the two planets. If we are able to assist the Tremanites to free themselves from the Spouwwqna, it will be a positive move in creating better relation between the parties.

We must, we simply must, ensure the old hostilities between Treman and Astraios do not flare up again. At least we leave knowing that the planetary shield is stronger, and our home is protected. Now we need to save the slavers, pirates and riff raff of Treman from the Spouwwqna... what a strange universe we live in.