Captain's Log, Stardate 130929

USS Neil Armstrong: We continued along the border of the Taakar Nebula despite the dangers to the ship. Navigation, sensor array, communications, weapons, shields... all major systems affected in some way. We managed to keep shields up and dropped to impulse to negotiate the asteroid belt. Cptn Karl Quar on helm was masterful in his guidance of the ship, we proceeded fairly well for several minutes. Science came up with the idea that ultraviolent rays may make the Spouwwqna visible, and a team was assigned to replicate emitters. Engineering worked on the warp core while we were at impulse, assuring me we would make it back to warp by the time we had exited the asteroid field. Medical continued to look into the reports of lightheadness, headaches and a fist fight. I was concerned the Spouwwqna might be with us, although our NFG's were working and the deflector dish was emitting nanite frequencies.

I instructed engineering and operations that full power to the deflector was vital. Using tractor beam, a phaser array, and our wits, we managed to get through most of the field. Science placed an ultraviolet emitter on the bridge. Communications advised they had picked up a regular report from a Treman patrol ship, who likely had us on sensors. To beef up our story of needing shore leave and repair time, I instructed Helm to - gently - knock the ship into an asteroid so we would have scarring on the hull. Then I had ops send a general distress call, and prepared to go to warp after exiting the asteroids.

Just then I heard a voice whispering on the bridge... asking for help. I looked at everyone else, they seemed not to notice, so I went ahead giving instructions to set a course for Treman at warp 3. The voice repeated itself. A Spouwwqna? Perhaps but... the voice said some words that sounded vaguely familiar. Dr Brogdram confirmed there were other lifeforms besides us. We could see no body... I asked Cmdr Bravin to turn up the ultraviolet emitter and... a female figure slowly became visible. It spoke again, telling us the Spouwwqna know our plans. I was suspicious at first but Genny recognized the language the... being.. spoke as being Vulcan. It told us to turn the frequency on the nanite frequency generator as high as it would go, as the Spouwwqna could not bear it.

In the end she told us she had been sleeping in her quarters on the USS Shogun, deployed in the Delta Quadrant when it entered a nebula, and the Spouwwqna took her, interested in her Klingon physiology. A Klingon who speaks Vulcan? Fascinating.