Captain's Log, Stardate 131006

USS Neil Armstrong: Our plan was to appear damaged to provide evidence that we need some shore leave and time for repairs at Treman. My plan backfired a bit. My 'scrape the ship on an asteroid' order went slightly awry. We have fluctuating power and our navigational array is down. Life support failed on deck 7. Helm was worried if we kept travelling at warp that we might miss Treman and go into the system's sun. Finally we came up with the idea of launching some probes to guide us. I'm not sure what Treman will think of that, but I gave the order. Three probes were launched to travel ahead of us and provide telemetry. We increased to warp 3, necessary to ensure we would arrive at Treman in time to coordinate with the others. I had OPs send an open, unencrypted message to SS Astraios detailing our condition and saying we were going to request permission to stop at Treman for repairs. We are now back on course, as far as we can tell. Soon we will have to deal with the Treman military, and possibly the Spouwwqna.

Meantime Cmdr Markus and Cmdr Barbosa have been questioning the female Klingon in the brig. And Dr Brogdram has some news about my friend Hans Darax, whose coma has now gone on for days and days... I admit I am worried.