Ship's Log, Stardate 131004

USS Neil Armstrong: Encrypted orders were given to the USS Armstrong (Galaxy Class) to proceed to the Treman system, 4 LY away, with the USS Ghana (Excelsior Class) and USS Colossus (Sovereign Class). There were grave concerns that the Spouwwqna have infiltrated the Treman military government and the planet population, many of whom are space pirates, traders, and others concerned with profit or power. Treman must be freed from Spouwwqnan influence or the result may be another war between Treman and Astraios.

Science feels three vessels moving around Treman in coordinated orbits, emitting the nanite frequency from their deflector dishes, aimed at the planet, will remove the Spouwwqna from the population. The problem will be obtaining permission to orbit the planet without revealing the real reason, and, if this plan is successful, then obtaining cooperation from the Treman government to place NFGs on the planet surface to protect them. They may be suspicious of the devices. Science came up with a UV emitter thinking it would help make Spouwwqna visible. In order to assist with the deception of being damaged, Captain Toocool ordered Helm to "scrape" an asteroid gently as the ship went through an asteroid belt. We were all set to head to Treman whilst sending a distress call when a voice called out in Vulcan. Increasing the emission of UVs brought a figure into sight. She claimed to be from the USS Shogun, taken by the Spouwwqna long ago. The Nanite Frequency Generator helped free her... and she said she knew where some of the lost and assumed deadArmstrong crew might be.

If the Spouwwqna gains access to Treman ships and arsenal, the entire sector could be in danger. Any attack by Treman on Astraios will void the peace treaty between the two planets. If we are able to assist the Tremanites to free themselves from the Spouwwqna, it will be a positive move in creating better relation between the parties.

Rescue of any possible members of the Armstrong crew would be wonderful. But can we trust this woman?