Acting Captain's Log, Stardate 131110

Commander Genny7 Markus reporting: Now that the planet seems free of the Spouwwqnas, Science have been scanning and we found that there was a cluster of them still on the planet. We can't leave them there, otherwise this whole thing will start all over again.
As I was making my mind up as to the best solution, I watched Commander Lee prowling around the bridge stations, sitting at some of the stations and trying to work out how they worked. I had had enough, I ordered him away from the Helm and when he asked me where he should go, I told him he would be joining the rest of his crew in the Brig. Commander Barbosa called a Security team to the bridge to escort him to the brig.

One problem out of the way, now having made my decision, I ordered an Away Team to assemble ready to beam down to the planet and deal with the Spouwwqnas. Commander Barbosa was very much against my decision to kill the final Spouwwqnas and pointed out to me the prime directive. I told her and the rest of the away team that I had considered this point a great deal, but unless the Spouwwqnas could be convinced to stop what they were doing to the people of every planet they came to, then I could see no other way to deal with them. I will face the Captain and Command and take what ever punishment they consider I deserve.

We beamed down leaving the other to ships to deal with any patrol ships that were still affected. When we arrived we were faced with gaseous forms, but when the gas moved you could see humanoid forms. Doctor Lane stepped forward and tried to communicate with them, while I tried to talk to them telepathically. I had no luck, but Doctor Lane had them talking, but they sounded just like the Borg, there was no way they were going to change their ways. Just then Commander Barbosa moved into the gaseous cloud. Suddenly she begins to speak with the voice of the Spouwwqnas - she has been taken over. I had no other choice and ordered her to be stunned. Bravely Doctor Lane rushes in to the cloud and pulls her out, and with his medical tricorder he is able to tell us that she in unconscious but stable. I order him to take her immediately to sickbay, leaving Commander Bravin and myself to deal with the Spouwwqnas. We set our phasers to kill and fired but the shot went straight through them so Commander Bravin ordered the ship to send down a quantity of liquid nitrogen which then froze them and our beams were then able to hit and kill them.

Commander Bravin and I returned to the ship and headed for sickbay. Commander Barbosa was on a bio bed being treated by Doctor Lane and his staff but seemed still to under the influence of the Spouwwqnas, so Commander Bravin set up a generator next to the bed, the outcome was not looking good. Suddenly the Commander flat lined - she was gone. I called to Doctor Lane to revive her immediately and I was so very pleased to see her return to us.