Acting Captain's Log, Stardate 131124

Commander Genny7 Markus reporting: We have returned to the ship and our guest Spouwwqna is nicely frozen and inside a stasis field ready for transportation home to the nebula.

All stations reported being ready to get under way, so I ordered the helm to move us close enough to the Treman patrol ship so that we could return Commander Lee and his crew to their ship. At the same time I asked Ops to open a channel to Brigadier Khan and when he came on line I informed him that the planet was now completely clear of the Spouwwqnas and that we would be taking our leave of him. I also thanked him for his cooperation and told him that I hoped we could continue the peaceful cooperation between Astraois and Treman that we had shared. He pointed out that we were still holding Commander Lee and crew and he wanted them returned immediately. I told him that we were at that moment heading towards the patrol ship to return them.

I contacted both the USS Ghana and the USS Colossus and thanked them for all their help, and wished them a safe journey back to their patrol areas.
Just then Commander Barbosa reported weird readings from the brig area and I ordered a security team to check it out straight away. I didn't have to wait very long to find out that Commander Lee and his crew had sedated blue security team and made their escape. I gave the order for all cargo bays and transporter stations to be covered by security and LTjg Yalin scanned the ship and found them heading for shuttle bay 1. Security was sent to the shuttle bay and Commander Barbosa asked Ops if he could get a transport lock on to them, and with a successful transporter lock they were returned to their ship.

Only one problem remained and it came charging onto the bridge - Cmdr Lee, shouting that his crew was now in control of the ship and he was taking over. I took great delight in telling him that his crew were back on the patrol ship and that he was about to join them. Ops got a transporter lock on to him and he was returned to his ship as well.

After a complete check was made of the ship I ordered Helm to lay in a course to take us to the Taakar Nebula; once plotted I ordered us to impulse until we cleared the system and then to Warp 2 to the Nebula....