Colony Commander's Log, Stardate 140126

Ready Room, SS Astraios: I have received my first encrypted report from USS Neil Armstrong. Apparently the diplomatic escort we provided to Brigader General Khan's vessel was not enough, he demanded that his Ambassador have access to our flagship, accompanied by our old friend Commander Lee. They were none to pleased to be allowed aboard but then restricted to 10-Forward. Our private concerns were the possibility that the Ambassador and her sidekick might bring some technology aboard the Armstrong. They have, after all, tried to take control of our ship before. Put simply, we don't trust them but have a duty to appear diplomatically friendly. They were delivered to Treman without further incident.

The starchart artifact, once hidden in an asteroid and now revealed to us through the efforts of Science Specialist Isis Gaelyth and Chief Science Officer David7 Bravin, is carefully screened and held behind tight security in cargo bay 4, and closely monitored as well. If it is - and we don't know that it is - some kind of a key to Iconian-related worlds in our neck of the quadrant... a kind of divining rod, then... well. Science is working on some kind of container that might be able to stop any energy emissions from the artifact... we don't want to either alert anyone that we have it, or inadvertently turn on some Iconian technology that's better left alone (like one of those old probes Jean Luc had to deal with, for example). At present we feel relatively confident the presence of the artifact on the ship provides no danger to the crew or vessel. Better there than on Astraios, where it continued to affect our gateway and was a constant concern.

The Treman queen has passed away. We offered our flowery condolences and will be sending our Diplomatic Liaison Officer to the funeral -- providing it will be safe for him to go. I have no doubt there is now going to be a coup. I am ordering the fleet to stand watch. According to Starfleet rules and regulations, we may not interfere with internal issues of any planet. If hostilities break out on Treman between the different factions who seek power, the Prime Directive states we are not to be seen to take sides. We will offer to negotiate or mediate between parties. Meantime I have ordered a team of EID agents to investigate and provide intelligence.

Lastly I am still concerned about the reports of a bomb on a civilian weather station and a borg probe on our sector borders. Colony Chief Security, Capt Barbosa, is to assign teams to investigate each. I await their reports.

Just as well we remain at DefStat 2.

With all this going on, it's hard to sleep. I shall beam down to my little Zen garden and sit with Hars, sipping Earl Grey and discussing what flowers to plant. I need an hour's peace and some distance from my cares.