Colony Commander's Log, Stardate 140129

SS Astraios: It seems very quiet here with so many ships away on mission. I miss my friends. I await their reports with eagerness, trusting them to carry out their duties with dedication and discipline. I am proud of their accomplishments, and their willingness to take on the mantle of mission command and make the tough decisions that go with that role when on deployment.

Although there does not seem to be much activity at the Colony, behind the scenes, there is always something to discuss. The most pressing problem is... an upcoming event in our neighbouring system.

I have assigned the Sabre Class vessel USS Marco Polo to take our Diplomatic Liaison to the planet Treman to represent UF Starfleet at the funeral services for their Queen. Word from Intel is that her death is somewhat suspicious, but this could be just a rumour... it's hard to separate gossip from reality. Brigadier General Khan is apparently arranging the event, I have no doubt his hat is in the ring for leadership of the planet. However it is known to us that at least two other factions have their eye on the prize as well. The question is, will one of them partner with the other to oust Khan, or will the three factions tear each other apart until only one is left standing. I prefer the former, as a civil war will decimate the population. Better a military coup than a bloodbath.

I can hardly believe I said that. I struggle within myself sometimes with the things we are called to do... or tolerate... or stand by and watch. I have always venerated life in all its forms... strictly vegan in any sentient form I take. In these days of powerful enemies and strained friendships... our ships are fully armoured and we carry the most deadly weaponary we can make. Oh, we offer medical supplies, food, and engineering assistance too... but it seems to me our missions are more dangerous than ever. I wonder how much of that danger we sow ourselves, by appearing ready to do violence at a moment's notice. But in this case... *sighs*

We have our Prime Directive, which constrains me to watch innocent people harmed as I am not to interfere with the internal matters of other species.

The Terran philosopher, Edmund Burke, said, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

Yes, we must find a way to avert disaster. Even if it means backing Khan's attempt for power by appearing to be... friendly to him. We won't offer any military assistance, of course. We'll just... look mighty. As Teddy Roosevelt, a Terran president, said: "speak softly and carry a big stick."

I can't see any other way to save precious lives.

A Terran writer, Gene Roddenberry, said: "The Strength of a civilization is not measured by its ability to fight wars, but rather by its ability to prevent them.”

I believe that.