Encrypted Report of Cmdr Lee 131103

Encrypted: I am still aboard the USS Neil Armstrong in orbit above Treman. Repairs to the ship are currently being carried out by Starfleet crews. Whilst I remain on the Bridge, my crew from the "Bravo" are in being held the Brig. Not having received a reply from Brigadier Khan, I contacted him again via the 'Armstrong's communication system.
The response I received from Brigadier Khan, led me to believe that he was under the influence of the aliens called the Spouwwqna. I therefore informed Cmdr Markus that as such, she was unlikely to receive the operational permission she was seeking.

It was suggested that I teleport to the Brigadier's location, accompanied by a Starfleet officer with a portable NEFG, in the hope that we would be able to rid the Brigadier of the alien's influence and thus be able to obtain the sought after permission.
I requested that my crew be allowed to accompany us on this mission to Treman, but this was refused.

Cmdr Barbosa (the 'Armstrong's Chief Security Officer) and I duly teleported to the surface of Treman, where we met Brigadier Khan. Cmdr Barbosa immediately turned the portable NEFG she had with her onto the Brigadier. The Brigadier's initial hostility towards us was soon replaced by an understanding of the situation, as he recalled my earlier communication to him. He gave his permission for Starfleet to undertake the procedure to free Treman of the alien Spouwwqna and stated that he would notify the other Treman military leaders of the operation. Cmdr Barbosa and I then teleported back to the Argonaut and informed Cmdr Markus that our mission had been sucessful.

While Cmdr Markus and the other Bridge officers were busy making the necessary preparations with the other two Federation ships, I took the opportunity to have a good look around the Bridge of the Armstrong. I again asked that my crew be released from detention, but my request was refused once more.

The USS Neil Armstrong and the other two Federation ships then started their orbits of Treman whilst emitting the Nanite Energy Frequency that will hopefully rid us of the alien Spouwwqna.