"Patrol Ship Bravo"

TO: Brigadier L.Q. Khan, Section Leader 23C, Treman Military Governance
FROM: Cmdr R.J. Lee, Commander, Patrol Ship Bravo
TIMEDATE: 131013.1130

Aboard the Treman Patrol Ship "Bravo", we detected a Galaxy class Federation ship heading towards Treman. I hailed them and asked that they state their intentions.

I received a response from a Cmdr Markus of the USS Neil Armstrong, saying that their ship had been damaged in the Takaar Nebula and that the crew had suffered many injuries, adding that they were wanting to go to Treman to carry out repairs.

I felt that this was an opportunity not to be missed. I informed Cmdr Markus that I would need to come aboard in order to "pilot" their ship to a safe orbit around Treman.

Having teleported onto their bridge, I was able to direct their Helmsman to a suitable orbit.

I enquired about the repairs that were needed to their ship and offered to be of assistance, since it seemed to me that they could afford to pay well for such help. They informed me that amongst other things they needed some dilithium crystals, which I offered to obtain for them at a good price. However I rejected their suggestion of payment in Federation credits, and pursued the alternative of trade instead.

As the ship began orbiting Treman, Cmdr Markus wanted to speak with the planet's Authorities. I informed her that this was not necessary, as I had already informed the authorities of the situation. #