Science Log, Stardate 140105, USS Neil Armstrong

Commander David7 Bravin, Chief Science Officer, reporting: The necessary repairs to the ship having been completed, we took the USS Neil Armstrong out of Space Dock and set off on a shakedown cruise.

Once out of the Astraios system, we headed towards the asteroids belt at warp 3.
Other than a few minor problems, all departments reported that the they were fully operational.

Once we reached the asteroids, Commander Markus decided that we should check out the weapons systems, by firing on some of the asteroids. However before firing commenced I arranged for the area to be checked for life signs (in case someone may have recently landed).
With no life signs having been detected, the order was given for Tactical to fire phasers a specific asteroids. The phaser array worked well and the selected asteroids were blown apart.

The transporter system was then checked out by locking onto a one of the smaller pieces of a disintegrated asteroid and beaming it aboard the ship. Once aboard it was transferred to the Science Lab for general analysis.

Checking of the weapons continued by the firing of a few photon torpedoes at the asteroids, before we headed back to Astraios at warp speed.

Having arrived safely at SS Astraios, Science Officer LT London reported that initial analysis indicated that there was a foreign object embedded inside the piece of asteroid that we beamed aboard. As such I granted his request to have the piece of asteroid sent to the Science Labs on SS Astraios for further analysis.