Ship's Log 131103

Commander Genny7 Markus, Acting Captain, reporting: We are still in orbit around Treman waiting for Commander Lee to make contact with Brigadier Khan. I offered him a UFS channel for contact but he declined and used his own. I am unsure what language the reply came in but the tone was enough to tell me that (i) the Brigadier was under the control of the Spouwwqnas and (ii) that it had not been in the least polite. My next question to Commander Lee was if our ship move further in towards the planet will we be fired upon? His answer was quite probably.

Commander Lane came up with a very good suggestion, why not transport Commander Lee to the Brigadier's office with a portable NEFG. It was at this point that Commander Barbosa asked to speak to me in private, so we went to talk in my office just off the bridge. I had suggested to the bridge crew that we could transport some of Commander Lee's crew down to the surface with a NEFG, but Commander Barbosa was strongly against this idea and suggested that she should transport down with Commander Lee to the Brigadier's office. I was very concerned for the Cmdr Barbosa's safety but had to agree, that because we didn't trust Commander Lee, this would be the best way to get permission.

Once Commander Barbosa was fitted with a portable NEFG they transported down to the planet. I gave the order for a transport lock to be kept on Commander Barbosa the whole time.
To keep our nerves under control we made polite conversation to pass the time, but I admit that it had been very hard for me to agree to this plan and put a member of the crew in a dangerous situation.

Suddenly we heard the Cmdr Barbosa asking for beam up for 2. They came straight to the bridge and reported that both the Brigadier and his office staff were now clear of the Spouwwqnas and permission had been given for our ships to move into position.
I asked Ops to contact the other two ships and tell them to move into their new orbit of the planet. It took us some time to reach our orbit position, and once our other two ships signalled that they too were in position we set our deflector dishes with the NEFG beam and began the operation.
Once this had been running for a while I asked Science to run scans to determine where the Spouwwqnas were gathered so that a landing party could be sent down to wipe them out.