Ship's Log, Stardate 131025

Background: Encrypted orders were given to the USS Neil Armstrong (Galaxy Class) to proceed to the Treman system, with the USS Ghana (Excelsior Class) and USS Colossus (Sovereign Class). There were grave concerns that the Spouwwqna have infiltrated the Treman military government and the planet population, many of whom are space pirates, traders, and others concerned with profit or power. Treman must be freed from Spouwwqnan influence or the result may be another war between Treman and Astraios. Science feels three vessels moving around Treman in coordinated orbits, emitting the nanite frequency from their deflector dishes, aimed at the planet, will remove the Spouwwqna from the population.

Cmdr Lee of the Treman patrol ship "Bravo" is aboard the Armstrong, he is directing us to an authorized trajetory for geosynchronous orbit of the planet Treman. He seems willing to trade with us although his prices are steep for the repairs and supplies we need... we continue with the deception that our systems are damaged and many crew injured. He informs us that his team is preparing the items we need and they will be transported aboard when we arrive at the specified location.

We need to send our expected coordinates to Ghana and Collossus so they can find a way to move in liaision with us. It is crucial we get align the emissions from our 3 deflector dishes to create a 'fallout' of nanite frequency transmissions in the planet atmosphere - we have no doubt the aggressive nature of the Tremanites has been increased 10-fold by the parasitic Spouwwqna.

Meantime a 'confused' and 'passive' Cmdr Markus keeps Cmdr Lee busy with negotiations... and Captain Toocool is in sickbay with the 'injured'... and our apparently-without-warp-drive Galaxy class ship moves at slow impulse to its orbital position.

...all the world's a stage.