Ship's Log, Stardate 131108, USS Neil Armstrong

Background: Encrypted orders were given to the USS Armstrong (Galaxy Class) to proceed to the Treman system, with the USS Ghana (Excelsior Class) and USS Colossus (Sovereign Class). There were grave concerns that the Spouwwqna have infiltrated the Treman military government and the planet population, many of whom are space pirates, traders, and others concerned with profit or power. Treman must be freed from Spouwwqnan influence or the result may be another war between Treman and Astraios. Science feels three vessels moving around Treman in coordinated orbits, emitting the nanite frequency from their deflector dishes, aimed at the planet, will remove the Spouwwqna from the population.
The response received from Brigadier Khan to Cmdr Markus's request (for the Federation ships to orbit Treman and emit the nanite energy frequency in order to remove the Spouwwqna from the population) indicated that the Brigadier was under the influence of the Spouwwqna.

Cmdr Lee and Cmdr Barbosa teleported to the Brigadier's location and with the use of a portable NEFG were able to release the Brigadier from the alien influence. The Brigadier subsequently gave his permission for the Federation ships to orbit the planet and carry out the necessary operation against the Spouwwqna.

The USS Neil Armstrong, the USS Ghana and the USS Colossus are now orbiting Treman as planned, emitting the nanite energy frequency via their deflector dishes.
The effectiveness of the operation is being closely monitored ... there is some concern that even with the concerted efforts of three vessels, some areas of the planet may be missed.