Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140311

Location: SS Astraios

Three years to this day I became the officer in charge of this far flung outpost and our base, the Hellenic class SS Astraios SS006.

This is an odd place. It was odd when we arrived and it is no less odd as we grow to know it. The planet herself has grown more friendly - perhaps she knows we are here to protect her and her peoples. She still plays her tricks, although they seem less malicious than at first. Still even today we may build something Tuesday and find less of it on Wednesday. Paint something Thursday and find raw wood on Friday. We have been unable to determine how she does this, partially because the planet inhabitants are strongly against anything they consider invasive in terms of investigation. Astraios is the "Third Rock" and the Astraionian people traditionally worship certain specific rocks they believe to have special abilities.

The Astraionians requested our presence here, and welcomed us, but there are segments of the population who are wary of us or even vocally against us being here at all. Given the Prime Directive, I understand some of their concerns. However, the Astraionian Civilian Authority feels differently. They have been grateful to us for the continuation of the fragile peace with Treman. I am rather concerned, however, that the last elections brought to the Astraionian Council some who appear to be more focussed on gaining power and latinum than the care of the common folk. I am also gravely concerned with the presence of Federation enemies or near enemies in the Sector, and while we attempt to stand back and allow the Astraionians their right to govern themselves as they see fit, it is clear there is a faction gaining sway here and that some decisions are being made that affect us, in particular, the proliferation of trade deals with groups I consider to be undesireable, such as Klingons and Dosi.

Off planet our mission remains the same - exploration, peacekeeping, medical assistance, scientific study. We have certainly discovered strange new worlds, found new life and new civilizations. USS Argonaut and USS Neil Armstrong have been the vanguard of this mission, along with USS Mak'ala and USS Marco Polo. Our fleet is well established and we patrol the Sector borders in every direction.

Although we have been successful to date in many ways there is much more work to be done to establish the Colony as the base of Starfleet's activities in this quadrant. Thus I look forward to another fruitful, hopefully peaceful, year.