Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140318

Location: SS Astraios

I am deeply concerned about the USS Neil Armstrong. Since they left Treman for deep space we have only had a few messages and none recent. I trust Genny with the Command, of course, but it is hard to sit back here and know that she, David, Breydon, Karl, Dolfke and the others might be in danger. The Iconian connection must be investigated, however. The technology that ancient race left behind (assuming they really left) could change the balance of power in this area of space and beyond.... who knows how far their network might reach, or who might be at the other end.

But, although this preys on my mind, my concern at the moment is preparation to beam down and meet with the Astraionian Civilian Authority. The Tremanites and the local Klingon faction have been a thorn in my side for some time now. I have heard a rumor that the Astraionian Council is in negotiation with the Klingon... pirates... I have a few words to say about that. I am wearing my Mess Dress uniform and will be escorted by two Marines in full regalia as well as my Yeoman. I need to remind them I represent United Federation Starfleet, and, unlike me, that is no small thing.