Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140325

Location: SS Astraios

Still no word from USS Neil Armstrong. I have decided to deploy USS Marco Polo to follow their known trajectory and try to pick up their warp signature. Although she cannot trace their path the full distance, perhaps she can get close enough to get an encrypted signal through. I admit the loss of the Argonaut crew remains an unhealed wound, and that is why I cannot help but worry.

Meantime diplomatic relations here are stressful. I know the Civilian Authority is on my side but the Astraionian Council is divided, and the leader of the Klingon faction seems to be gaining sway. I have pointed out some hard truths, including the fact that the Klingons are known to be in league with the Tremanites and, if Astraios permits the Klingons more of a presence here, the peace between the two worlds may disappear overnight. That argument seemed to have some weight, but we shall see.

The Astraionian Spring approaches. I notice already some blooms peeking in my garden. This morning I hope to sit there with a quiet cup of Tea and discuss flora and fauna with Hars, who has taken a great interest in the local agriculture.