Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140331

Location: SS Astraios

I've decided we need a proper council building to conduct business. The Command Deck of the station is agreeable, but meant more for cocktails and Mozart than facing down members of a highly aggressive species. I did my best though.

I had fully armed Marines and Security Officers posted along the walls, staring stonily at attention. I had my seat placed on the raised platform and got them to move the planters behind me, with the Colony flag and the UF Starfleet flag displayed behind my head. I had two Honor Guard on either side of me. Oh, and I had them give me a silver embossed stool to sit on - no cushion - so my feet could touch the floor and my sword could hang freely at my side. Mess dress. My hair swept up and no adornment of any kind other than Starfleet. No earrings, no bracelets.

I set the stage, having my Yeoman greet my visitors and escort them to me, announcing them in a powerful bass voice.

"Tugladin Zeeya, Dosi Diplomatic Envoy," he said loudly.

I rose from my chair, locking eyes with the Dosi and nodding my head slightly, "Welcome aboard."

Then the conversation began. Although in my mind I am aware it is not our place as Starfleet to interfere with the internal governance of Astraios, I gave the impression I thought otherwise. In fact, I insisted that Starfleet was the best and most powerful trading partner Astraios had ever known and that we would not meekly step back and give that place to another group. We bandied words for a time, thrust and parry. Tugladin was extremely confrontational, as expected. In the end I rose again, with a quick nod of my head six Marines stepped forward to escort our guest from the station.

I'd like to think we won that round but it's the Astraios Council that concerns me. There are a couple of... idiots... who argue free trade should be the main goal, no matter who the trading is with. They don't seem to have any ethical issues. I believe their lust may lead them down the road to ruin. Which would be fine except they would take the rest of the planet - and us - with them.

I keep us at DefStat 3 but privately I have spoken with Colony Chief Security, Captain Dolfke Barbosa. I want a section of our fleet patrolling the Astraios System or in space dock as a display of strength as well as frequent patrols of our ground installations.

We have been, up to now, happy to leave the Colony open to visitors providing they go through our security screening. That may need to change should this continue.