Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140403

Location: SS Astraios

Today I was able to focus on the Colony proper. I had a walkabout with my Chief Engineer discussing the use of the additional lands we have obtained. Later, I had a tour of the new Engineering Facility designed by LTs Baumeister and Tamae. It is quite marvelous. They told me they had issues with items disappearing after being built, and I could only sympathize, it is part of what we live with here.

I then checked in at the Majel Community Hospital, which was completed just a few months ago and is now fully staffed. It is a training hospital as well as a base of community care, I saw several young Ensigns scurrying about as well as a group of Interns on rounds. I had a casual chat with one of our medical officers in her office overlooking the parade ground.

When leaving the hospital, I could see the USS Prophetic in the distance. When the hull is fully prepared for space they will take her up to space dock, but at the moment they are assembling her on the surface. She looks sleek and powerful, it's only when you get up close that you see the scaffolding and empty places where windows or arrays will be.

I returned to my Ready Room only to find another troubling report from Intelligence about the situation on Treman. It fully relates to the increasing number of undesireables in the sector. I had my Yeoman contact Mr Lazuli Pookara, the leader of the Astraionian Civilian Authority. There is a huge three day community festival on Astraios this weekend. I strongly suggested Starfleet provide additional security to augment his police forces during the event. Our presence may act as a deterrent. He agreed. He's a sensible man. I wish there were more like him on the Council.