Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140404

Location: SS Astraios

Preparations for the Astraios Community Event, called "Robstock" are in full swing. I had a tour of the entertainment area and discussed our Starfleet Information Booth with my chief engineer. We have had several wonderful applicants from Astraios, I watched over them from the first day they entered the Academy until now... some, like Dolfke Barbosa, have even progressed to the rank of Captain. My First and Second Officer are both Commanders... when you recruit locally I feel there is a stronger connection to the planetary community at large as well as a... hunger to explore beyond it. The fact that several of my senior officers were born and raised on Astraios helps me in terms of their knowledge of their people and planet, it also helps in terms of us being seen less as outsiders.

I asked my Yeomen to make sure there was time each day in my schedule to be present at the Robstock to chat with friends and to be seen, along with our Marines and Security Details. Everyone is eagerly anticipating the three day festival, it is nice to see everyone so excited.