Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140406

Location: SS Astraios

The local festival ended well, my friends Mr Pookara and Ms Tomorrow tell me it was very successful, that they met their target for charitable fundraising from the attendees. All reports say the Astraios Colony crew had fun and also managed the security patrols well. No major disturbances, other than a few drunken rowdies in the late evenings.

Now the weekend is ebbing, all seems quiet. However there are further Astraionian Council meetings this week and I am beginning to dread them. Not the politics or diplomacy - although that can be tiring. The council chamber is a dour enclosed room without windows or, it seems, proper ventilation. I suppose they did it that way to stay warm or stay safe, but it's stifling. I shall spend the evening in the garden, tending the small shoots and trying to figure out what is a weed and what is the beginnings of a flower I planted.

This week is also meetings with senior security officers and available Captains from our Fleet, to discuss the current state of affairs and make our plans for securing the planet and our crews in these dark days. Ever my mind and heart is with the Armstrong, wondering how they are faring. I hope they are exploring fascinating planets and gathering scientific data as they continue their mission. I hope they are fulfilling their curiosity. I hope they are safe. I hope... *sighs*

Just come home soon, dammit.