Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140407

Location: SS Astraios

I began the morning with a meeting, my Yeoman LTjg Michel Farrell and I, sat down in my Ready Room to discuss the crew of SS Astraios. It seems strange to have a meeting about our crew without our XO, but... she has been away on mission for weeks now. In any case, we seem to be light on security officers, which, given our current situation, is not a good thing. Operations as well could use a boost. Science officers are needed too.

Of course, our Colony is very far away from the comforts of Pinastri and those who are seeking assignment may not consider us a viable option. Oh, I mean the ships in the Delta Quadrant no disrespect of course. It's just... well, it's a challenge, isn't it. Not many can rise to it. Being deployed countless light years away from anything they've known, especially if they have family. Over the past years I've had a few make the long trip only to turn around and go back again. The Astraios Effect, perhaps. Or maybe just a realization how far from home they will be. I understand that. But... since I'd never had a home... this place, and the people here, have become my family.

We do have a few recruits in the Academy, we shall see how they shape up over the coming year.

The next task is to read some Intel reports and make notes of unclassified information to share with the Astraionian Council at the first meeting to be held this afternoon.

I better have a good lunch.