Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140409

Location: SS Astraios

The drama of yesterday might have had an effect. Apparently, after I marched out of the Council Chambers, a vote was held and a motion to delay any action in dealing with the merchant group's request for a land base was passed. That's one piece of good news.

I also received a long range communication from UF Starfleet Headquarters at Pinastri. They had reviewed all the reports on the performance of the Davy-Crockett during her test runs, and have now assigned a crew to man her for a shakedown cruise. They were wise enough to assign the existing team to the ship, and Cmdr Selenmoira Resident now has her first command. We shall see how ship and crew perform in the days ahead.

There is still no word from USS Neil Armstrong. Our last message from USS Marco Polo was from their position several light years coreward of Treman. They had picked up a faint warp signature but suspect the Armstrong might have gone to slipstream or even used a transwarp conduit to expedite their journey. If that is the case, there is not much we can do until we hear from her...

I admit to a slight headache. I think I will beam down and take a walk in the garden. Maybe drop in on a friend for a chat and a cup of Earl Grey. Get away from politics, work, and worry, for awhile.